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Professor Myron Zwozdesky Reviews


Class Ratings

2.3Bad Class
1Very Hard
3Kinda Interesting
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Prof: Myron Zwozdesky / Fall 2020

Mar 28, 2021

Comments on the course

There were maybe 1 or 2 students that received an A+ and very few (maybe 15) that received an A . People were upset because a third year course (300 ppl) at the UofA should have more students receive an A. Plus the previous prof had a course average of 3.5 (in between a B+ and A-) while the Dr. Z had a 3.2 (in between a B and B+). Plus a narrow SD. This course used to be a GPA booster but with this new prof I think most people were happy if they got an A- or B+. In terms of the course, it was quite poorly organized and the prof did not emphasize reoccurring themes. He taught a lot of new material that many students did not have the background knowledge for. He also taught a bunch of neuroscience and biochemistry techniques and tested the biochemistry techniques (like Western blots). In more


If your interested in drugs, just buy the textbook, its way better than taking the course with Dr.Z and you'll probably learn much more. The textbook we used was Rosenthal, M.S. (2019). Drugs: Mind, Body and Society (1st ed.). Oxford University Press, New York USA. Also, if the previous instructor Dr. Martin Davies returns, take the course! Dr. Davies was on of the best professors on campus (I had him for PMCOL 200)!

Course: PMCOL 305Grade: Rather not sayAttendance: Non-MandatoryTextbook Use: No