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UAH Course Reviews

University of Alabama in Huntsville

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 214Intro Discrete Structure323.52.52
PY 404Theories of Counseling53541
ACC 210Accounting for Business43351
HPE 169Basketball55541
ARS 160Drawing: Foundations23221
EGR 101Intro Computing Engineers53551
PSC 102Intro to Comparative Politics55551
AST 371Intro to Astrophysics42441
TH 122Theatre Appreciation45321
PY 302Experimental Psychology32451
ISE 390Prob & Engr Statistics I33331
CS 637Deep Learning55551
IS 450Cybersecurity Management54551
FYE 101ECharger Success Engineering35111
BLS 411Business Law For Accountants00000
ARS 423Animation: Short Film II00000
BYS 109Fundamentals of Biology00000
BYS 214Infection & Immunity00000
ARS 270Painting: Introduction00000
ARS 442Sculp: Casting II00000
BYS 301Elementary Biochemistry00000
BYS 317Vertebrate Zoology00000
ARS 476Painting: Contemporary II00000
BYS 348Biophysical Chemistry II00000
BYS 417Principles Of Plant Physiology00000
ARH 103Arh Sur: World Art00000
ARS 329Animation: 2D Animation00000
ARS 496Principles For Teaching Art00000
BYS 465Molecular Mthds Eclgy & Evolu00000
ATS 782Professional Development00000
ARS 410Principles For Teaching Art00000
BSE 799Doctoral Dissertation00000
ARS 210Game Design: Introduction00000
BYS 120LOrganismal Biology Lab00000
ARS 433Graph Des: Watercolor & Dig II00000
BYS 219LLaboratory00000
ACC 642Adv Intern/Opr Auditing00000
BYS 313Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ARS 453Photo: Exper & Hist II00000
BYS 321LLaboratory00000
ARS 323Animation: Short Film I00000
BYS 365General Biochemistry Lab II00000
ARS 487Print: Monoprint &Lithogphy II00000
BYS 432Princ of Signal Transduction00000
ACC 520State And Local Taxation00000
BYS 499Ungrad Honors Res & Thesis00000
AST 106LAstronomy Laboratory00000
BYS 530App. Of Geostatistics/Al A&M00000
BYS 532LLaboratory00000
ARH 303Renaissance Art00000
ARS 340Sculp: Fabrication I00000
ATS 420Intro Atmos Chem & Air Polluti00000
ATS 461Atmospheric Radiation I00000
ARS 347Space And Place00000
ATS 509Appl Computers In Meteorology00000
ATS 541Atm Thermodyn & Cloud Physics00000
ACC 595Internship in Accounting00000
ARH 306Collapse Of Civilizations00000
ARS 348Digital Fabrication00000
ATS 571Intro to Radar Meteorology00000
ATS 770Satellite Remote Sensing00000
ARS 387Print: Monoprint & Lithogphy I00000
BLS 211Legal Environ/Business00000
ARS 1403D Design00000
BLS 511Bus Law For Accountants00000
ARS 420Animation: Team Game Design II00000
BUS 300Business Transitions00000
ACC 613Tax Research00000
BYS 119Principles of Biology00000
ARS 426Animation: Short Film II00000
BYS 202Human Anat & Phys II/Calhoun00000
ARS 240Sculpture: Introduction00000
BYS 216LHuman Anat & Phys II Lab00000
ARS 440Sculp: Fabrication II00000
BYS 292Intro To Biological Research00000
ACC 513Corporate & Partnership Taxatn00000
BYS 312Principles Of Ecology00000
ARS 450Photo: Digital II00000
BYS 314Anatomy & Physiology II00000
ARS 320Animation: Team Game Desgn I00000
BYS 320Medical Terminology00000
ARS 460Drawing: Conceptual00000
BYS 322LGeneral Microbiology II Lab00000
ARH 100Arh Sur: Ancient-Medieval00000
BYS 362General Biochemistry Lab00000
ARS 481Print: Etching & Relief II00000
BYS 402Kinesiology & Biomechanics00000
ARS 327Animation; Visual Story Dev00000
BYS 420Microbial Biotechnology00000
ARS 492Art Internship00000
BYS 436Biological Psychology00000
ACC 414Cost Accounting00000
BYS 491St: Animal Behavior00000
AST 100Survey of Astronomy00000
BYS 519Gene Structure & Function00000
ARS 333Graph Des: Watercolor & Dig I00000
ATS 590St: Adv Fct For Decision Supp00000
ARS 353Photo: Exper & Hist I00000
ATS 622Air Pollution Modeling00000
ATS 642Precip Physics For Radar00000