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UAH Course Reviews

University of Alabama in Huntsville

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 214Intro Discrete Structure323.52.52
ARS 160Drawing: Foundations23221
HPE 169Basketball55541
PY 302Experimental Psychology32451
CS 637Deep Learning55551
ISE 390Prob & Engr Statistics I33331
IS 450Cybersecurity Management54551
TH 122Theatre Appreciation45321
AST 371Intro to Astrophysics42441
PY 404Theories of Counseling53541
FYE 101ECharger Success Engineering35111
EGR 101Intro Computing Engineers53551
ACC 210Accounting for Business43351
PSC 102Intro to Comparative Politics55551
CE 622Advanced Traffic Engrg Design00000
ATS 673Lightning00000
CH 191Fundamentals of Chemical Res00000
CH 346Experimental Physical Chem II00000
ARS 377Painting: Mixed Media I00000
BLS 511Bus Law For Accountants00000
CH 562Biochemistry II00000
CHE 244Intro to Chem Engrg Systems00000
BYS 216Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
CHE 485Process Safety & Toxicology00000
CM 231Foundations of Human Communica00000
ARH 395Independent Study00000
ARS 440Sculp: Fabrication II00000
BYS 321General Microbiology I00000
CM 409Contemporary Rhetorical Theory00000
CE 557Hydrology00000
ATS 630Physical Climatology00000
CE 778Fracture Mechanics00000
ARS 347Space And Place00000
CH 331ROrganic Chem I Recitation00000
ATS 781Student Seminar00000
CH 421Instrumental Analysis00000
ARH 303Renaissance Art00000
CH 647Adv Biophysical Chemistry I00000
BYS 119Principles of Biology00000
CHE 440Unit Operations II00000
ARS 420Animation: Team Game Design II00000
CHE 641Adv Thermodynamics00000
BYS 302People, Plants & Environment00000
CM 333Interpersonal Communication00000
ACC 516Advanced Cost Accounting00000
CM 444Advertising00000
BYS 402Kinesiology & Biomechanics00000
CM 508Classical Rhetorical Theory00000
CM 530Mass Media In America00000
ARS 210Game Design: Introduction00000
ARS 460Drawing: Conceptual00000
BYS 432Princ of Signal Transduction00000
BYS 492Undergraduate Research00000
ARS 483Print: Screenprint II00000
BYS 529Biostatistics/Al A&M00000
BYS 532LLaboratory00000
ACC 600Foundations Acc Managers & Eng00000
ARS 311Game Design: Scripting & Des I00000
ARS 495Independent Projects00000
BYS 547Biochemistry I00000
CE 487Bridge Design00000
ATS 572Satellite Meteorology00000
CE 583Reinforced Concrete Design00000
ARS 340Sculp: Fabrication I00000
CE 673Plasticity00000
ATS 655Boundary Layer Meteorology00000
CH 123General Chemistry II00000
ARH 101Arh Sur: Renaissance-Modern00000
CH 223Quantitative Analysis00000
ATS 699Master's Thesis00000
CH 336Organic Chemistry Lab II00000
ARS 353Photo: Exper & Hist I00000
CH 362General Biochemistry Lab00000
BLS 400Law, Ethics & Business00000
CH 493Intro to Chemical Research00000
ACC 431Principles of Auditing00000
CH 633Organic Structure Determinat'N00000
BUS 300Business Transitions00000
CH 735St: Poly Amino Acids00000
ARS 390Portfolio Dev I: Animation00000
CHE 344Chem Engr Thermodynamics00000
BYS 214LLaboratory00000
CHE 448Chemical Engineering Design00000
ARH 307Impressionism & Post-Imp00000
CHE 559St: Biomaterials Engineering00000
BYS 281Intro To Forestry/A&M;00000
CHE 799Doctoral Dissertation00000
ARS 426Animation: Short Film II00000
CM 310Persuasion00000
BYS 314Anatomy & Physiology II00000
CM 370Comm Research Methods00000
ACC 310Interm Financial Acct I00000
CM 431Senior Seminar00000
BYS 348Biophysical Chemistry II00000
CM 455Communication & Culture00000
ARS 448Digital Fabrication II00000
BYS 602Bioinformatics II00000
AST 106LAstronomy Laboratory00000
BYS 630Immunology00000
BYS 692Research00000