UAH Course Reviews

University of Alabama in Huntsville

CS 214Intro Discrete Structure323.52.52
PSC 102Intro to Comparative Politics55551
IS 450Cybersecurity Management54551
CS 637Deep Learning55551
AST 371Intro to Astrophysics42441
ISE 390Prob & Engr Statistics I33331
PY 404Theories of Counseling53541
TH 122Theatre Appreciation45321
EGR 101Intro Computing Engineers53551
PY 302Experimental Psychology32451
HPE 169Basketball55541
ACC 210Accounting for Business43351
FYE 101ECharger Success Engineering35111
ARS 160Drawing: Foundations23221
BYS 347Biophysical Chemistry I00000
ARS 490Portfolio Development II00000
BYS 403Adv Exercise Physiology00000
BYS 465Molecular Mthds Eclgy & Evolu00000
ARS 324Animation: Technical Arts00000
BYS 530App. Of Geostatistics/Al A&M00000
BYS 533Advanced Physiology I/A&M;00000
CE 381Structural Analysis I00000
ATS 551Atmos Fluid Dynamics I00000
CE 483Reinforced Concrete Design00000
CE 583Reinforced Concrete Design00000
ARH 304Twentieth Century Art00000
ARS 352Photo: Darkroom I00000
ATS 652Adv Synoptic Meteorology00000
CE 778Fracture Mechanics00000
BYS 320Medical Terminology00000
ARS 477Painting: Mixed Media II00000
BYS 365General Biochemistry Lab II00000
ARS 270Painting: Introduction00000
BYS 431Biological Data Skills00000
AST 100Survey of Astronomy00000
BYS 519Gene Structure & Function00000
AMS 229Ancient & Medieval Worlds00000
CE 321Intro to Transportation Eng00000
ATS 471Intro To Radar Meteorology00000
CE 441Hydraulic Engineering Design00000
ARS 334Graph Des: Web User Exper I00000
CE 520Urban Transportation Planning00000
ATS 603Climate Dynamics00000
CE 671Continuum Mechanics00000
ACC 495Internship in Accounting00000
CH 155Genorgbiochem Lab00000
ATS 671Ground Based Remote Sensing00000
CH 301Elementary Biochemistry00000
CH 332Organic Chemistry II00000
ARH 307Impressionism & Post-Imp00000
ARS 383Print: Screenprint I00000
ATS 740Cloud Processes00000
ATS 781Student Seminar00000
ARS 410Principles For Teaching Art00000
BLS 211Legal Environ/Business00000
BLS 500Law, Ethics & Business00000
ACC 516Advanced Cost Accounting00000
ARH 320St: Modern Women Artist00000
ARS 420Animation: Team Game Design II00000
BSE 780Biotechnology Sci/Eng Seminar00000
BYS 314LAnatomy & Physiology II Lab00000
ARS 453Photo: Exper & Hist II00000
BYS 321LLaboratory00000
ARS 240Sculpture: Introduction00000
BYS 362General Biochemistry Lab00000
ARS 485Print: Book Arts II00000
BYS 401LLaboratory00000
ACC 613Tax Research00000
BYS 420Microbial Biotechnology00000
ARS 494Professional Practices: Animat00000
BYS 436Biological Psychology00000
ARS 321Animation: Organic Modeling00000
BYS 492Undergraduate Research00000
AST 107Exploring the Cosmos II00000
ACC 431Principles of Auditing00000
CE 284LSurveying Lab00000
ATS 454Forecasting Mesoscale Processe00000
CE 373Soil Mechanics Lab00000
ARS 329Animation: 2D Animation00000
CE 420Urban Transportation Planning00000
ATS 510Operational Weather Forecast'G00000
CE 457Hydrology00000
ARH 302Medieval Art00000
CE 498Civil Engineering Design I00000
ATS 571Intro to Radar Meteorology00000
CE 559St: Traffic Engineering00000
ARS 342Sculp: Casting I00000
CE 611Gis in Civil Engineering00000
ATS 630Physical Climatology00000
CE 696Grad Internship Ce Engr00000
ACC 310Interm Financial Acct I00000
CH 123General Chemistry II00000
ATS 656Tropical Meteorology00000
CH 201Elem Organic Chemistry00000
ARS 375Painting: Traditional I00000
BYS 100Intro Health Professions00000
ARS 425Animation: Short Film I00000
BYS 119LLaboratory00000
BYS 200Dinosaur Biology00000
ARS 1232D Design & Color Theory00000