The U Course Reviews

University of Utah

CMP 2010Design Ecologies22341
ANTH 4372Zooarchaeology51551
ANTH 4950Undergraduate Research25531
ECON 4020Intermed Macroecon42331
CHEM 231Organic Chemistry I53551
BIOL 1610Fund. of Biology I11121
ANTH 6133Maternal and Child Health00000
ANTH 423Genes, Health and Human History00000
ANTH 6291Evolution of Human Health00000
ANTH 7990Cont Reg-PhD00000
ACCTG 7840Information and Financial Reporting in Corporate Governance00000
ANTH 3153Black Atlantic: Anthropology of the African Diaspora00000
ARAB 4050Advanced Arabic Language Skills00000
ANTH 5321The Classic Maya00000
ANES 7050Adv Anesth Clerkship00000
ANTH 6193Medical Anthropology00000
ACCTG 6681Corporate Governance00000
ANTH 6498Pblms In Evol Anthro00000
ANTH 2001Anthro:Major and Career00000
ARAB 405Arabic Language Skills: Advanced00000
ACCTG 6200Value & Mgmt Accounting00000
ARCH 686Public Interest Design Build00000
AEROS 3011Leadership Studies II00000
ANTH 3450Biol Hum Growth Develop00000
ANTH 4138Anthropology of Violence and Non-Violence00000
ACCTG 6340Estate and Gift Taxation00000
AEROS 4111Professional Officer Course Leadership Laboratory IV00000
ANTH 4186Human Ecology00000
ANTH 5211Biology Native American00000
ANAT 7970Thesis Research-Ph D00000
ANTH 5711Stu Ind Research Group00000
ACCTG 6661Financial Accounting Reporting00000
ANTH 6154Brazilian Culture00000
ANTH 102Human Origin Evol/Diver00000
ANTH 6261Paleoanthropology00000
ACCTG 5620Business Valuation and Analysis00000
ANTH 6400Proseminar in Evolutionary Ecology00000
ANTH 1020Human Origin Evol/Diver00000
ANTH 6970Thesis Research-Masters00000
ACCTG 6741Accounting Professionalism and Team Building00000
ARAB 260Beg Arabic Conver I00000
ANTH 3112N. American Ethnography00000
ARAB 2020Intermediate Arabic II00000
ACCTG 5140International Acctg00000
ARAB 6207Women's Voices: Egypt and Iran00000
ANTH 3283Sex and Gender00000
ARCH 1632Basic Archi'l Comm II00000
ACCTG 6310Taxation of Deferred Compensation00000
ANTH 4133Maternal and Child Health00000
AEROS 4010Ntl Security Afrs I00000
ANTH 4183Sex and Gender00000
ACCTG 5210Management Accounting I00000
ANTH 4234Genes, Health and Human History00000
ANAT 6910Prosection00000
ANTH 4255Race and Culture00000
ANTH 4272Forensic Anthropology00000
ACCTG 6360International Tax00000
ANAT 6922Special Dissections00000
ANTH 4334Population Issues in Anthropology00000
ANTH 4999Honors Thesis/Project00000
ANAT 7760Stem Cell Workshop00000
ANTH 5234Population Issues Anthr00000
ACCTG 6520IT Risks & Controls00000
ANTH 5461Behavioral Ecol/Anthro00000
ANAT 7990Cont. Registration-PhD00000
ANTH 6112The First Nations of Western North America00000
ACCTG 5450Acctg Systems/Auditing00000
ANTH 6138Anthropology of Violence and Non-Violence00000
ANTH 100Introduction to Anthropology: A Four-Field Approach00000
ANTH 6184The Ecology of Hunters and Gatherers00000
ACCTG 6670Advanced Auditing00000
ANTH 6245Human Migration and Social Change00000
ANTH 110Culture & Human Experience00000
ANTH 6272Forensic Anthropology00000
ACCTG 5120Fin Accounting II00000
ANTH 6339Humans in the World of Plants00000
ANTH 1000Introduction to Anthropology: A Four-Field Approach00000
ANTH 6461Behavioral Ecol/Anthro00000
ACCTG 6732Corporate/LLC Taxation00000
ANTH 6855Exploring Human Behavior, Culture, and Cognition: Evolutiona...00000
ANTH 1050Evolution Human Nature00000
ANTH 7920Guided Reading00000
ACCTG 6001Managerial Accounting00000
ARAB 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
ANTH 2220Intro to Forensic Anthropology and the Science" of CSI"00000
ARAB 360Arabic Conversation: Intermediate I00000
ACCTG 7110Fin Acctg Research I00000
ARAB 1010Beginning Arabic I00000
ANTH 3138Anthr Violence NonViol00000
ARAB 3020Third Year Arabic - Language & Culture00000
ACCTG 4999Hon Thesis/Project00000
ARAB 4880Trad. Asian Medicine00000
ANTH 3220Intro to Forensic Anth00000
ARCH 618Des/Build Bluff Studio00000
ACCTG 7980Faculty Consultation00000
ANTH 4345Cultural Resources Management00000
ANAT 7050Adv Human Gross Anatomy00000
ANTH 4461Behavioral Ecology and Anthropology00000
ANTH 4900Anthropology Internship00000
ANTH 3313First Peoples of Utah & the Intermountain West00000