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Tech Course Reviews

Tennessee Technological University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ESS 1100Intro to Environmental Studies4.54.5542
MUS 1030Music Appreciation35131
CHEM 1120General Chemistry II42441
GEOG 4510Theory of GIS I55551
BIOL 4220Biostatistics43451
CSC 4100Operating Systems31441
ESS 3000Intro to Environmental Law22331
GEOG 4650Environmental Apps of GIS44551
PC 2500Communicating in the Profess34221
ESS 3710Chemistry and the Environment43431
MATH 1920Calculus II52551
GEOG 4210Cartography55551
BIOL 3130General Ecology43551
ESS 4001Society/Envrmnt-Capstone Exp 125111
GEOG 4511Theory of GIS II55551
ESS 4002Society/Envmnt-Capstone Exp 225111
CSC 1300Intro/Prob Solv-Comp Prog (ME,MET,ECE)45551
CEE 3413Environmental Engineering11331
ANS 3150Com Dis & Par-Dom Animals00000
AGET 4510Agricultural Remote Sensing00000
ARED 1250Digital Tech in Art Education00000
ART 2010Three-Dimensional Design00000
AGBE 3430Intro to Agribusiness Mgmt00000
AGET 4970AGET Topics: Unmanned Aircraft Systems00000
ART 3410Painting II00000
ART 3540Intermediate Wheel-Throwing00000
ANS 2020Livestock Management00000
AGET 3540Fund/GIS & GPS in AG & Nat Rsr00000
ANS 4310Dairy Herd Mgmt & Supervision00000
AGBE 2010World Food and Society00000
ART 1010Two-Dimensional Design00000
AGET 4720Agricultural Processing00000
ART 3230Design Studio III00000
ACCT 4901Special Topics-VITA Service00000
ART 3510Clay on the Wheel00000
AGHE 3275Research in AG and HEC00000
AGBE 4940Sustainable Topics in Agriculture00000
ART 3631Independent Study-Fibers00000
AGHT 3410Plant Propagation00000
ART 3711Intermediate Glass Studio00000
ART 3750Prod Processes in Glass00000
AGHT 4410Nursery Management00000
ART 3920Advanced Wood Studio00000
ART 4220Design Internship00000
ACCT 3210Cost Accounting00000
ACCT 6210Tax Management for Entities00000
AGCM 4860Internship in Ag Comm00000
AGR 2910Work Experience00000
ART 4410Senior Thesis in Painting00000
ART 4610Senior Thesis in Fiber00000
AGR 3901Ldrship Devl/AG Ambassadors00000
ART 4811Senior Thesis in Metal I00000
ART 4814Senior Thesis in Metal IV00000
ACCT 6232Prof Certification: Audit00000
AGED 4300Dev/Youth Programs-Ag & Ext Ed00000
AGR 4890Mtng Chlnges/Diverse Workplce00000
AGRI 1010Introduction to Agribusiness00000
ALHS 1000Careers in Healthcare00000
AGET 3320Small Power Equipment00000
ANS 3130Animal Breeding00000
ADMN 1308Office Procedures00000
ANS 4140Comrcl Poultry Prod/Mgmt00000
AGET 3620Computer Aided Design in Ag00000
ANTH 1100Introduction To Anthropology00000
ACCT 4700International Exp in ACCT00000
ARED 4871Residency I00000
AGET 4610Grnhs Struct/Landscape Equip00000
ART 1250Intro to Digital Imaging00000
AGBE 3110Ag Marketing & Futures00000
ART 3150History of Crafts I00000
AGET 4940Ag Engr Technology Topics00000
ART 3251Ind. Studies in Design: iCube00000
ACCT 3170Financial Acct/Reporting I00000
ART 3421Painting IV00000
AGHE 2022Professionalism in AG and HEC00000
ART 3521Advanced Clay Studio00000
AGBE 4030Agribusiness Management00000
ART 3620Surface Design I00000
AGHE 4500Senior Seminar00000
ART 3650Fiber Art Studio I00000
ACCT 5700Int'l Experience in Accounting00000
ART 3731Independent Study-Glass00000
AGHT 3460Interior Plantscaping00000
ART 3821Metals Studio-Blacksmithing00000
AGBE 4970Agribusiness Economics Topics00000
ART 3940Woodturning00000
AGHT 4950Horticulture Topics00000
ART 4231Design Portfolio I00000
ACCT 1040Personal Tax00000
ART 4510Senior Thesis in Clay00000
AGR 2950Internship00000
ART 4714Senior Thesis in Glass IV00000
AGED 3010Professional Leadership Dev00000
AGED 4881Residency II00000
AGRI 1050Introduction to Soil Science00000
AGRN 2000Soil and the Environment00000
ACCT 3720Survey of Accounting00000
ACCT 6240Ethics & the Code of Prof Cond00000
AGED 4882Professional Seminar II00000
AGRN 2310Soil Chemical Properties00000