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TAMU Course Reviews

Texas A&M University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 140Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences3.52.5342
CHEM 228Organic Chemistry II32222
PSYC 235/NRSC235 Introduction to Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience43451
HORT 201Horticultural Science and Practices54551
STAT 201Elementary Statistical Inference22231
HIST 106History of the United States55431
PERF 201Mus & Human Experience45421
ENTO 201General Entomology53551
ECEN 471Power Management Circuits and Systems21241
KINE 435Physiology of Exercise Lab54551
PSYC 320Sensation-Perception54441
ESET 210Circuit Analysis53551
CHEM 119Fundamentals of Chemistry I54331
SOCI 337International Migration13111
BIOL 111Introductory Biology I44441
ACCT 328Financial Reporting II32441
PHIL 240Introduction to Logic54331
ANTH 353/CLAS353 Archaeology of Ancient Greece00000
AGEC 481Ethics in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics00000
ANTH 435Medical Anthropology00000
ARAB 302Reading and Composition II00000
AFST 338/COMM338 Critical Race Discourse00000
AGSC 436Professional Teaching Internship in AGSC00000
ARCH 327Conceptual Structural Analysis00000
ARCH 443Aegean Art and Architecture00000
AGSM 470Agricultural Electronics and Control00000
ARTS 303Graphic Design I00000
ANTH 316Nautical Archaeology00000
AGEC 434Rural Financial Markets and Financial Planning00000
ANTH 415Anthropological Writing00000
AFST 300/HIST300 Blacks in the United States, 1607-187700000
ARAB 104Intensive Beginning Arabic00000
AGSC 291Research00000
ARCH 216Computational Methods in Architecture00000
AERO 304Aerospace Structural Analysis I00000
ARCH 405Architectural Design IV00000
AGSM 301Systems Analysis in Agriculture00000
AREN 440Architectural Engineering Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Design00000
AFST 398/FILM398 Africana Cinema00000
ARTS 339Themes in Contemporary Art00000
ALEC 380Workshop in Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications00000
ASCC 001Basic Math Skills00000
ASTR 102Observational Astronomy00000
ACCT 410Fraud Examination00000
AERO 417Aerospace Propulsion00000
AGCJ 281Journalism Concepts for Agriculture00000
ALED 222Practicing Diverse Leadership and Cultural Exploration00000
ASTR 401Stars and Extrasolar Planets00000
ATMO 326Environmental Atmospheric Science00000
ALED 344Leadership of Volunteers00000
ATMO 459Tropical Meteorology00000
ATTR 301Field Experience in Athletic Training I00000
AERO 424Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control00000
AGCJ 404Communicating Agricultural Information to the Public00000
ANSC 101Introductory Seminar for Animal Science00000
ANSC 210Companion Animal Science00000
AGCJ 413Emerging Media in Agriculture00000
ANSC 289Special Topics in…00000
ANTH 302Archaeology of North America00000
AGEC 424Agribusiness Entrepreneurship – Economic Analysis00000
ANTH 335Cultures of Central Asia00000
AFST 206/PSYC206 Black Psychology00000
ANTH 403/RELS403 Anthropology of Religion00000
AGEC 441Financial Planning Capstone00000
ANTH 424Human Evolutionary Ecology: Culture and Cooperation00000
AERO 289Special Topics in...00000
ANTH 444/CLAS444 Classical Archaeology00000
AGLS 292Cooperative Education in Agriculture00000
ARAB 285Directed Studies00000
AFST 326Africana Popular Culture00000
ARAB 475Media and the Middle East00000
AGSC 383Teaching Agricultural Mechanics00000
ARCH 281Seminar in Contemporary Architecture00000
ACCT 403Energy Accounting00000
ARCH 346Architecture, Heritage and Culture00000
AGSM 125Introduction to Agricultural Systems Management00000
ARCH 433Architectural Lighting00000
AFST 357/HIST357 Out of Africa: The Black Diaspora and the Modern World00000
AREN 175/COSC175 Construction Graphics Communication00000
AGSM 360Occupational Safety Management00000
ARTS 149Art History Survey I00000
AERO 401Aerospace Vehicle Design I00000
ARTS 315Figure Drawing For Narrative and Concept Development00000
AGSM 489Special Topics in...00000
ARTS 345History of Gaming00000
AFST 484Internship00000
ASIA 356/HIST356 Twentieth Century Japan00000
ALEC 485Directed Studies00000
ASTR 119/PHYS119 Big Bang and Black Holes: Laboratory Methods00000
ACCT 209Survey of Accounting Principles00000
ATMO 285Directed Studies00000
ALED 301Personal Leadership Education00000
ATMO 370Student Experiences Abroad in Meteorology00000
AGCJ 312Editing for Agricultural Audiences00000
ANSC 311Equine Behavior and Training00000
ACCT 447/FINC447 Financial Statement Analysis00000
AERO 451Human Spaceflight Operations00000
AGEC 117Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Agricultural Economics00000
ANSC 318Animal Feeds and Feeding00000
ANSC 337Meat Merchandising00000