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SOCI 337

International Migration

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Prof: Emilce Santana / Spring 2022

Feb 26, 2023

Comments on the course

The subject matter has potential.

Course Content

Lots and lots and lots of reading. if you have more than 2 classes, expect no better than a C, regardless of how smart or dedicated you "think" you are - grading is so very arbitrary. interesting subject, but if you don't plan to major in immigration law, just read a book on it if you think you need this information. That's what I did after I got my final grade.

Comments on the professor

Even if you understand the material and learn something you will not be able to regurgitate it back in a manner that satisfies the instructor. Tough grader, rolls her eyes if someone asks questions they should technically know the answers to, and if you have problems hearing, forget it. Wears a mask, with microphone against her neck so every lecture is muffled. If you ask for a repeat, you MIGHT get her to say again, but likely not. Even her syllabus is salt and peppered with arrogance. But here's the thing. She knows her stuff. You don't. So if you don't understand the material and you don't feel like you are getting anything from the class, ask questions. More than likely, prof will suggest to you to drop the class, because God forbid anyone try to claim they don't understand the more


I wish there had been ANYTHING else available. Almost didn't graduate on time. D = Diploma though. Also meant I lost my honors, but ya know - I can still sleep at night because I know I worked my ass off. Trust me. You don't need this class. Correction, you might WANT this class - but maybe this prof will move on before you graduate and you can take it with someone else. Otherwise, find a similar course on Coursera or other online learning sites. Because if you take this class, in spite of this warning - May God have mercy on your soul. It's hard and the prof doesn't care about student mental health or how much work/school/extracurricular you have. Your focus, is her class.

Delivery: In personGrade: CWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: Optional
Attendance HeavyParticipation HeavyAssignment HeavyEssay Heavy

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