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Professor Martin Ordonez Reviews


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Prof: Martin Ordonez / Fall 2021

Nov 27, 2021

Comments on the course

The class is fairly useful as it can teach someone to look at politics, government, law, and the system in a critical manner. The class is divided into 3 units spanning 18 weeks (if you take it in the Fall/Spring). There are weekly quizzes, 3 Unit Discussions, and 1 final essay! The essay requires critical thinking and analysis skills! Thankfully, there are no exams!

Course Content

I learned how to analyse and critically view the political system in the United States in a Global Perspective.

Comments on the professor

The professor was simply great. He managed to keep things interesting and added a little spice to the class meetings. Although, the class seemed very boring, but it's not the professors fault that politics can be so boring to some people sometimes.


I wish I knew there we going to be so many readings! I wish I knew the course content beforehand.

Course: POLS 170VDelivery: OnlineGrade: A-Workload: ModerateTextbook Use: Optional
Essay HeavyQuiz Heavy