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SJSU Course Reviews

San Jose State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
TECH 63Analog and Digital Circuits32332
KIN 35ABeginning Weight Training42441
EDCO 4Personal, Academic and Career Exploration55541
CMPE 195ASenior Design Project I45451
PSYC 110Adult Psychopathology55551
HS 159Health Program Planning22331
MATH 30PCalculus I with Precalculus32341
CHEM 101Chemistry and the Computer53551
CMPE 245Embedded Wireless Architecture24221
HIST 100WHistory Writers' Workshop52551
MATH 30Calculus I22231
CHEM 55LQuantitative Analysis Laboratory54551
ENGR 100WEngineering Reports33441
CMPE 146Real-Time Embedded System Co-Design52551
DANC 10Dance Appreciation55431
JS 10Introduction to Justice Studies44441
CMPE 255Data Mining54551
MATH 31XCalculus II42441
ENGL 1BArgument and Analysis33131
POLS 170VAmerican Politics in Global Perspective23231
KIN 20ABeginning Badminton33321
ME 147Dynamic Systems Vibration and Control54451
GEOL 1General Geology54331
TECH 67Introduction to Internet of Things55551
ENGL 145Shakespeare and Performance43431
CHEM 1BGeneral Chemistry33441
ART 26Drawing II00000
AVIA 195CInterdisciplinary Senior Project I00000
BIOL 100WScientific Communication Workshop00000
BIOL 116LMolecular Genetics Laboratory00000
AMS 1AAmerican Cultures to 187700000
ART 106Topics in Human Machine Interface00000
BIOL 135BEukaryotic Cell and Molecular Biology II00000
BIOL 145LAdvanced Undergraduate Biology Lab00000
ART 149Topics in Jewelry and Small Sculpture00000
BIOL 181Introduction to Health Care00000
BIOL 205Advanced Molecular Techniques00000
AE 169Computational Fluid Dynamics00000
ANI 10Light and Optics00000
ART 172Intermediate Sculpture: System/Structure00000
BIOL 255MAdvanced Topics:Molecular & Microbiology00000
BIOL 298MS Project Culminating Experience00000
ART 210Seminar in Digital Media Art00000
BME 167Introduction to Engineering Biomechanics00000
BME 254Microscale Biomedical Systems: Physics and Applications00000
ANI 51BIntroduction to 3D Animation00000
ART 298AMFA Special Study00000
BOT 114Functional Morphology00000
BUS 220GTax Factors of Business and Investment Decisions: Theory and...00000
ARTH 162California Architecture00000
BUS 223BTaxation of Partnerships00000
BUS 225BTaxation of Corporate Reorganizations00000
AE 20Computer-Aided Design for Aerospace Engineers00000
AE 295BAerospace Engineering Masters Project II00000
ANTH 107Eating Culture: The Anthropology of Food00000
ARTH 185AGreek Art00000
BUS 235AIntroduction to Business Analytics00000
AVIA 179Advanced Airport Planning and Management00000
ART 2The Artist in Contemporary Culture00000
BIOL 54Human Understanding00000
AFAM 180Individual Studies00000
BIOL 110Biodiversity and Biopolitics00000
ART 75Introduction to Digital Video Art00000
BIOL 122LBacterial Diversity Laboratory00000
AE 165Aerospace Flight Mechanics00000
BIOL 140Human Sexuality00000
ART 135Topics in Moldmaking for Artists00000
BIOL 164Ecological Field Methods00000
AMS 160Special Topics in Humanities00000
BIOL 202TCBiotech Seminar: Biotech Business I00000
ART 164BIntermediate Painting II00000
BIOL 227TPrinciples of Pharmacology00000
ADV 126Media Planning and Buying00000
BIOL 283TTopics in Biotech Regulatory Affairs00000
ART 180Individual Studies00000
BME 117Biotransport Phenomena00000
ANI 24Illustration Fundamentals00000
BME 182Orthotics and Prosthetics00000
ART 260Special Tutorials in Art00000
BME 281MS Thesis/Project Preparation Seminar00000
AE 245Spacecraft Dynamics and Control00000
BOT 298Research00000
ARTH 70CArts of Asia00000
BUS 220ZData Analytics for Accounting00000
ANTH 11Cultural Anthropology00000
BUS 225LAccounting for Income Taxes00000
ARTH 180Individual Studies in Art History00000
BUS 227EFoundation for Understanding Taxation00000
AAS 145Urban Policy and Its Impact on Inner City Residents00000
ARTH 189ABaroque Art And Architecture In Italy And France00000
BUS 248Cyber Risk Management00000
BUS 262Leadership00000
BUS 265Silicon Valley Experience00000
ANTH 130Kin, Kith, and Community: The Anthropology of Social Organiz...00000
ARTH 193AWorlds of Art and Culture00000
BUS 280ISIndependent Study00000
BUS 286Project Management00000
AFAM 40African Origins00000
ANTH 139World History for Teachers00000
AS 131BAir Force Leadership Studies00000