SJSU Course Reviews

San Jose State University

TECH 63Analog and Digital Circuits32332
CMPE 195ASenior Design Project I45451
DANC 10Dance Appreciation55431
MATH 31XCalculus II42441
ENGL 1BArgument and Analysis33131
CMPE 245Embedded Wireless Architecture24221
JS 10Introduction to Justice Studies44441
HS 159Health Program Planning22331
MATH 30PCalculus I with Precalculus32341
ME 147Dynamic Systems Vibration and Control54451
GEOL 1General Geology54331
EDCO 4Personal, Academic and Career Exploration55541
KIN 35ABeginning Weight Training42441
CHEM 55LQuantitative Analysis Laboratory54551
PSYC 110Adult Psychopathology55551
ENGL 145Shakespeare and Performance43431
CMPE 146Real-Time Embedded System Co-Design52551
ENGR 100WEngineering Reports33441
CHEM 101Chemistry and the Computer53551
TECH 67Introduction to Internet of Things55551
POLS 170VAmerican Politics in Global Perspective23231
MATH 30Calculus I22231
HIST 100WHistory Writers' Workshop52551
KIN 20ABeginning Badminton33321
CMPE 255Data Mining54551
CHEM 1BGeneral Chemistry33441
AE 1290RCulminating Experience Supervision00000
ANI 1322D Animation III00000
ANI 162Digital Animation II00000
ANTH 11Cultural Anthropology00000
AE 140Rigid Body Dynamics00000
AFAM 25The Changing Majority: Power and Ethnicity in America00000
ANTH 105Applied Anthropology00000
ANTH 122Magic, Science and Religion00000
AFAM 106Race and Culture in the African Diaspora00000
ANTH 115The Emerging Global Culture00000
ANTH 133Organizational Cultures00000
ADV 122Business-to-Business Advertising00000
AE 160WAerodynamics I Problem-Solving Workshop00000
AFAM 120Sociology of African American Communities00000
ANTH 139World History for Teachers00000
ANTH 145Middle Eastern Traditions00000
AFAM 142Race, Ethnicity, and the Law00000
ANTH 154Monkeys, Apes and Humans00000
ANTH 161Old World Civilizations00000
AE 166Rocketry00000
AFAM 158Race, Sport, Activism & Social Movements00000
ANTH 175Anthropology of Native America00000
ANTH 195Anthropology Practicum00000
AFAM 166African American Women in History00000
ANTH 235Quantitative Methods00000
APSC 90Success as Transfer Students00000
AAS 180Individual Studies00000
ADV 129Advertising Campaign Planning and Management00000
AE 171BAircraft Design II00000
AFRS 142African Politics00000
ARED 365Field Experience Seminar in Art Education00000
ANI 130ADigital Modeling I00000
AE 297Special Topics in Aerospace Engineering00000
ANI 141Digital Modeling I00000
AE 135Introduction to Composite Materials00000
ANI 180Individual Studies00000
AFAM 2BAfrican Americans and the Development of America's History a...00000
ANTH 25Human Lifecourse in Context00000
ADV 116Spartan Daily Advertising Staff00000
ANTH 114Legacy of Asia00000
AFAM 100WWriting Workshop00000
ANTH 129Environmental Anthropology00000
AE 149Advanced Dynamics and Simulation00000
ANTH 131Theories of Culture00000
AFAM 111African Nations: History, Politics, and Culture00000
ANTH 137California History for Teachers00000
AAS 170Special Topics in Asian American Studies00000
ANTH 143Culture and Adaptation00000
AFAM 133Introduction to Social Issues in Planning00000
ANTH 149Ethnographic Methods00000
AE 164WAerothermodynamics Problem-Solving Workshop00000
ANTH 157Forensic Anthropology00000
AFAM 152Black Women in the U.S.00000
ANTH 165Historical Archaeology00000
ADV 125Advertising Layout and Production00000
ANTH 184Directed Reading00000
AFAM 161Black Representations in Media and New Technology00000
ANTH 232Applications Core00000
AE 168Aerospace Vehicle Dynamics and Control00000
ANTH 299Master's Thesis00000
AFAM 190Internship in Community Development00000
ARED 184YStudent Teaching II - Classroom Teaching00000
AAS 33BAsian Americans in U.S. History II00000
AMS 100WWriting in the Humanities & Interdisciplinary Arts00000
ART 3Medium and Message00000
ART 14Color00000
ART 25Expressive Drawing00000
AE 173Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles00000
AMS 159Nature and World Cultures00000
ART 39Multicultural Arts for Children00000
ART 61Beginning Painting00000
ADV 131Advertising Portfolio 200000
AE 199Special Topics in Aerospace Engineering00000
ANI 10Light and Optics00000