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Professor Damon Poburko Reviews


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Prof: Damon Poburko / Summer 2021

Aug 22, 2021

Comments on the course

The professor I took this class with isn’t very accessible. He replies to emails very late, same with the TA’s. This was probably the worst class I’ve ever taken. The TA’s marked our work way different from the rubrics we were given, so prepared to be constantly frustrated. The midterm is quite literally a race and not so much testing out knowledge. The actual content we learned was pretty simple, and straightforward. However, the prof and TA’s will make everything 1000 times harder than it needs to be. tldr: Prof and TA’s respond late, confusing marking, and midterm is a race. Overall horrible class


Absorb everything from your textbook like a sponge, they will ask a couple dumb questions on the exams

Course: BPK 140Grade: B-Workload: 2hrs/weekTextbook Use: Yes