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SFU Course Reviews

Simon Fraser University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MACM 101Discrete Mathematics I (3)3.543.54.26
CMPT 433Embedded Systems (3)4.33.754.73
PSYC 366Psychology and Environmental Sustainability (3)33.5332
BPK 140Contemporary Health Issues (3)12.5232
PHIL 110Introduction to Logic and Reasoning (3)4.75541
STAT 475Applied Discrete Data Analysis (3)21321
ENSC 252Fundamentals of Digital Logic & Design (4)51451
MATH 240Algebra I: Linear Algebra (3)51551
HIST 407Popular Culture in Great Britain and Europe (4)52541
PHIL 120WMoral and Legal Problems (3)33341
BUS 232Data and Decisions I (4)33441
ECON 105Principles of Macroeconomics (4)11321
BISC 101General Biology (4)22331
BISC 303Microbiology (4)32341
IAT 334Interface Design (3)43551
ARCH 226Shamans, Sacrifice and Psychedelics (3)45331
FREN 200STT - Cultural Perspectives: Québec and France (3)55551
ENSC 820Engineering Management for Development Projects (3)54551
CMNS 304WCommunication in Everyday Life (4)44331
CMNS 322Documentary Media (4)21211
BUS 237Introduction to Business Technology Management (3)43431
TEKX 101Introduction to 3D Printing and Laser Scanning Technologies (3)55551
CA 386Film Music: An Overview of the Relationship between Music and Moving Pictures (3)55531
CMPT 105WSocial Issues and Communication Strategies in Computing Science (3)33111
PUB 231Graphic Design Fundamentals (3)44341
CA 149Sound (3)54431
CMPT 320Social Implications - Computerized Society (3)33441
BUS 251Financial Accounting I (3)42341
IAT 340Sound Design (3)55541
PHIL 300Introduction to Philosophy (3)44331
FREN 304Advanced French Grammar (3)11151
FREN 245Introduction to Literary Studies (3)32221
ENSC 316Engineering Electromagnetics I (3)11211
BUS 797Business Plan II (2)00000
BUS 291Selected Topics in Business Administration (3)00000
BUS 845Advanced Applied Project I (3)00000
BUS 963Research Seminar in Selected Topics (2)00000
BISC 841Plant diseases and plant biotechnology (3)00000
BUS 327Co-op Practicum IV (3)00000
CHEM 109Introduction to Chemistry for Health Careers (4)00000
CHEM 216STT-Introduction to Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (2)00000
BUS 374Organization Theory (3)00000
CHEM 307Practicum II (3)00000
CHEM 381Intermediate Organic Chemistry (4)00000
BISC 357Genetic Engineering (4)00000
BISC 892PhD Graduate Candidacy Exam00000
BUS 415Applied Portfolio Management (3)00000
CHEM 444Organic Materials Chemistry (3)00000
CHEM 759Special Topics in Organic Chemistry (3)00000
BUS 441Web Analytics (3)00000
CHIN 100Mandarin Chinese I (3)00000
CHIN 330Intermediate Chinese for Business I (3)00000
BPK 308Experiments and Models in Systems Physiology (3)00000
BUS 466Web-Enabled Business (3)00000
CMNS 130Communication and Social Change (3)00000
CMNS 454Computer Supported Cooperative Work: Critical Perspectives (4)00000
BUS 486Leadership (3)00000
CMNS 815Social Construction of Communication Technologies (5)00000
BUS 778Directed Studies in Management of Technology (4)00000
BUS 810Fixed Income Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (3)00000
BISC 831Research Seminars in Biological Sciences (1)00000
BUS 866Enterprise Risk Management (3)00000
BUS 318Management of Equity and Fixed Income Investments (3)00000
BUS 986Directed Studies IV (4)00000
BISC 313Environmental Toxicology: A Mechanistic Perspective (3)00000
CHEM 126General Chemistry Laboratory II (2)00000
BUS 346Global Business Environment (3)00000
CHEM 282Organic Chemistry II (2)00000
BISC 880Special Topics in Behavioral Ecology (3)00000
CHEM 363Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics (3)00000
BUS 401Developing Organizational Opportunities (4)00000
CHEM 433Bioinorganic Chemistry (3)00000
ARCH 541HRM Professional Practice and Ethics (5)00000
CHEM 482Directed Study in Advanced Topics of Chemistry (3)00000
BUS 428Forensic Accounting and Data Analytics (3)00000
CHEM 819Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry (3)00000
BPK 201Biomechanics (3)00000
CHIN 191Heritage Mandarin Chinese II (3)00000
BUS 449Ethical Issues in Marketing (3)00000
COGS 310Consciousness (3)00000
BISC 406Marine Biology and Oceanography (3)00000
CMNS 226Digital Media Communication Techniques (3)00000
BUS 476Business of Design IV - Promotion, Packaging and Launch - Launching a Design-Led Business (4)00000
CMNS 487Special Topics in Communication (4)00000
BPK 340Active Health: Behavior and Promotion (3)00000
BUS 496Selected Topics in Business Administration (5)00000
CMNS 844Communication and Global Power Shifts (5)00000
CMNS 858Selected Topics in Communication Studies (5)00000
CMNS 892Co-op II00000
ARCH 431Historical Ecology & Coastal Archaeology (3)00000
ARCH 893Directed Readings (3)00000
BISC 421Models in Biology: From Molecules to Migration (3)00000
BPK 405Clinical Exercise Physiology I: Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Disorders (3)00000
BUS 553Business Analytics (4)00000
CMNS 899PhD Thesis (6)00000
CMPT 125Introduction to Computing Science and Programming II (3)00000
BUS 559Special Topics (4)00000
CMPT 166An Animated Introduction to Programming (3)00000
CMPT 295Introduction to Computer Systems (3)00000
BPK 412Molecular Cardiac Physiology (3)00000