SFU Course Reviews

Simon Fraser University

MACM 101Discrete Mathematics I (3)
CMPT 433Embedded Systems (3)4.33.754.73
PHIL 110Introduction to Logic and Reasoning (3)4.75541
STAT 475Applied Discrete Data Analysis (3)21321
PHIL 120WMoral and Legal Problems (3)33341
FREN 200STT - Cultural Perspectives: Québec and France (3)55551
IAT 334Interface Design (3)43551
BUS 232Data and Decisions I (4)33441
BPK 140Contemporary Health Issues (3)14351
IAT 340Sound Design (3)55541
ARCH 226Shamans, Sacrifice and Psychedelics (3)45331
CA 386Film Music: An Overview of the Relationship between Music and Moving Pictures (3)55531
FREN 304Advanced French Grammar (3)11151
MATH 240Algebra I: Linear Algebra (3)51551
PUB 231Graphic Design Fundamentals (3)44341
FREN 245Introduction to Literary Studies (3)32221
BUS 237Introduction to Business Technology Management (3)43431
TEKX 101Introduction to 3D Printing and Laser Scanning Technologies (3)55551
PHIL 300Introduction to Philosophy (3)44331
ENSC 252Fundamentals of Digital Logic & Design (4)51451
BISC 303Microbiology (4)32341
BUS 251Financial Accounting I (3)42341
PSYC 366Psychology and Environmental Sustainability (3)44551
CMPT 320Social Implications - Computerized Society (3)33441
CMPT 105WSocial Issues and Communication Strategies in Computing Science (3)33111
BPK 808Special Topics (3)00000
BPK 496Directed Study Literature (3)00000
BISC 498Undergraduate Research I (3)00000
BPK 899PhD Thesis (18)00000
BPK 896PhD Comprehensive Examination00000
BISC 654Food and Drug Toxicology (3)00000
BUS 202Foundations for Collaborative Work Environments (3)00000
BUS 217WCritical Thinking in Business (3)00000
BISC 807Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology (3)00000
BUS 303Business, Society and Ethics (3)00000
BUS 320Financial Accounting: Assets (3)00000
ARCH 872Graduate Seminar in Archaeology and Prehistory (1)00000
BISC 333Developmental Biology (3)00000
BISC 831Research Seminars in Biological Sciences (1)00000
BUS 341Fundamentals of Marketing (4)00000
BUS 361Project Management (3)00000
BISC 839Industrial Microbiology (3)00000
BUS 401Developing Organizational Opportunities (4)00000
BUS 419Advanced Derivative Securities (3)00000
BISC 360WTechniques in Ecology and Evolution (3)00000
BISC 859Special Topics I (3)00000
BUS 430Cross-Cultural Management (3)00000
BUS 437Decision Analysis in Business (3)00000
BISC 884Special Topics in Pest Ecology and Management (3)00000
BUS 449Ethical Issues in Marketing (3)00000
BUS 465Business Systems Development (3)00000
ARCH 433Background to Field Work (3)00000
ARCH 892Directed Readings in Prehistory (5)00000
BISC 410Behavioral Ecology (3)00000
BPK 110Human Nutrition: Current Issues (3)00000
BUS 570Project Management (4)00000
BUS 615Marketing (4)00000
BPK 482Ergonomics and Rehabilitation (3)00000
BISC 492WResearch Reporting (5)00000
BPK 499Undergraduate Honours Thesis Reporting (6)00000
BISC 300Evolution (3)00000
BPK 851Recent Advances in Experimental Carcinogenesis (3)00000
BISC 651Toxicity Tests I: Ecological Effects Based Tests (3)00000
ARCH 499Honours Thesis (5)00000
BPK 180WIntroduction to Ergonomics (3)00000
BUS 632Operations Management (4)00000
BISC 656Master of Environmental Toxicology Project (6)00000
BUS 254Managerial Accounting I (3)00000
BISC 308Environmental Toxicology: An Ecological Perspective (3)00000
BUS 315Investments (4)00000
BISC 824Survival and Reproductive Strategies (3)00000
BUS 328International Co-op Practicum (3)00000
ARCH 389Ethnoecology (3)00000
BUS 346Global Business Environment (3)00000
BISC 833Research Seminars in Biological Sciences (1)00000
BUS 394Selected Topics in Business Administration (3)00000
BISC 341Practicum I (3)00000
BUS 410Financial Institutions (3)00000
BISC 854Ecotoxicology (3)00000
BUS 426Auditing and Assurance: Concepts and Methods (3)00000
ARCH 874PhD Prospectus & Colloquium00000
BUS 431Business with East Asian Countries (3)00000
BISC 880Special Topics in Behavioral Ecology (3)00000
BUS 440Simulation in Management Decision-making (4)00000
BISC 405Neurobiology (3)00000
BUS 453Sustainable Innovation (3)00000
BISC 889Directed Readings in Biology (2)00000
BUS 559Special Topics (4)00000
ARCH 374Research Design in Archaeology (4)00000
BUS 603Structure and Change in Organizations (4)00000
BPK 143Exercise: Health and Performance (3)00000
BUS 621Information Technology and Organizational Transformation (4)00000
BISC 420Community Ecology (3)00000
BUS 635Operational Finance (2)00000
BISC 100Introduction to Biology (4)00000
BISC 424Applied Genomics (3)00000
BPK 306Human Physiology II (3)00000
BPK 311Applied Human Nutrition (3)00000
BISC 428Cell Anatomy (3)00000
BPK 312Nutrition for Fitness and Sport (3)00000