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Professor James Li Reviews


Class Ratings

3.3OK Class
3Avg. Difficulty
3Kinda Interesting

Prof: James Li / Fall 2018

Mar 29, 2021

Comments on the course

Course is mostly about the EIA methods, aspects and the entire process as a whole. Some basic hydrology (input-output with some other factors) to introduce you to the concepts for CVL 400. Quizzes and midterm are doable so long as you listen to his talks. His given notes only get you as far as the 4th lecture.


Having a personal formula sheet is handy for the hydrology part of the course where the formulas aren't very easy to remember. Everything else, make sure you pay attention to what he says if you don't want the textbook. Also, don't take the final project lightly, start it as soon as possible

Course: CVL 300Grade: A+Attendance: Non-MandatoryTextbook Use: Yes