Ryerson Course Reviews

Ryerson University

CVL 207Graphics4.25435
PHL 214Critical Thinking I3.
MTH 140Calculus I2.923.34.73
CEN 199Writing Skills2.75213
CRI 300Digital Design Studio4.23.5542
CEN 100Introduction to Engineering3.252.522
LAW 122Business Law3.5334.52
GCM 230Typography55551
BCH 261Biochemistry55551
CRI 820Global Licensing/Distribution Agreements4.74551
CRI 500Project Management4.74551
MHR 523Human Resources Management4.34541
CVL 902Traffic Operations and Management4.33551
MTH 141Linear Algebra44441
CRI 840Experience Innovation42551
COE 328Digital Systems43541
CPS 109Computer Science I43451
CMN 601Visual Communication: A Critical Approach43541
PCS 211Physics: Mechanics3.73441
CRI 800Managing Creative Enterprises3.75331
CHY 102General Chemistry3.73441
CVL 300Environmental Science and Impact Assess3.33341
CVL 313Structural Analysis3.32441
IRL 100Intro to World Art I: Pictorial Arts3.34421
CRI 700Human Resources in Creative Industries3.33341
ITM 305Systems Analysis and Design2.72331
ENT 500New Venture Startup2.73231
HST 325History of Science and Technology I2.33221
CRI 400Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries2.34211
CRI 810Studies in Creative Collaboration1.73111
CRI 100Creative Industries Overview1.72211
OHS 508Occupational Health and Safety54441
ENG 42116C Literature and Culture12111
MEC 323Statics and Mechanics of Materials32331
SPN 101Introductory Spanish I53551
PHL 606Philosophy of Love and Sex12211
INT 555Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies11111
ENG 222Fairy Tales and Fantasies14111
BCH 463Advanced Biochemistry II11111
PHL 406Issues of Life, Death and Poverty43321
AER 222Engineering Design and Graphical Communication44351
PSY 102Introduction to Psychology I54551
PHL 509Bioethics21111
MTH 510Numerical Analysis55441
INT 908Homelessness in Canadian Society54451
ENG 110Literatures Across Borders53551
CHY 330Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy00000
BME 538Microprocessor Systems00000
CHY 399Property-Directed Integrated Laboratory00000
CHY 437Organic Chemistry00000
AER 723Introduction to Space Systems Design00000
BME 70A/BBiomedical Engineering Capstone Design00000
CHY 502Organometallic Chemistry00000
CHN 101Introductory Chinese I00000
BMS 280Biomedical Science Orientation II00000
CHN 502Communication Business Chinese00000
CHS 503Chinese Literary Traditions00000
CHY 242Organic Chemistry II00000
BME 506Introduction to Software00000
CHY 339Characterization of Organic Compounds00000
AER 715Avionics and Systems00000
CHY 431Applied Analytical Chemistry00000
BME 703Tissue Engineering00000
CHY 482Selected Topics in Chemistry00000
AFA 517Taxation for Managers and Financial Planners00000
CHY 599The Business of Chemistry and Biology00000
BME 804Design of Bio-MEMS00000
CHN 401Intermediate Chinese II00000
AER 818Manufacturing Management00000
BMS 607Molecular Genetics and Epigenetics00000
AFA 619Intermediate Cost and Management Acct.00000
AER 870Aerospace Engineering Thesis00000
BMS 770Medical Epidemiology00000
CVL 352Geomatics Measurement Techniques00000
ACC 607Accounting for Small Business00000
CVL 500Introduction to Structural Design00000
BMS 860Stem Cell Biology00000
CVL 600Foundation Engineering00000
CVL 633Highway Materials00000
ASL 401Intermediate American Sign Language II00000
BSC 721Theory/Performance I: Existing Buildings00000
CVL 72A/BTransportation Capstone Design Project00000
BSC 822Advanced Envelopes/Components00000
CVL 742Project Management00000
CVL 904Structural Concrete Design II00000
AFA 817Canadian Business Taxation II00000
ANT 900Anthropology Capstone00000
BUS 800Strategic Management00000
CVL 910Transportation Planning00000
CVL 914Pavement Materials and Design00000
CRB 500Families in the Caribbean00000
MPC 125Visual Studies II00000
ARB 300Principles in Arabic Writing00000
CRB 600Postcolonial Caribbean Society00000
MPC 210Visual Culture: Digital Art00000
CMN 114Short Management Reports00000
CHE 200Chemical Engineering Fundamentals00000
CMN 201Retail Management Communication00000
CMN 215Messages, Modalities and Media00000
ACC 414Intermediate Accounting I00000