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Professor Xiaoqian Wang Reviews


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Prof: Xiaoqian Wang / Spring 2019

Aug 27, 2021

Comments on the course

ECE 264 is a definite ramp-up compared to CS 159 so do not be overconfident when going in unless you have actual experience with C programming. In Spring 2019, the course was structured as 50% - programming assignments and 50% - exams, so it's imperative that you're knowledgeable in both coding and concepts. While Prof. Wang was my professor, our section still did Professor Quinn's programming assignments which were complex and often had errors/bugs (so much so that students were given extra credit to point out mistakes in his assignments). Professor Quinn's assignments were time-consuming and you won't pass the class if you wait till the last day to do them or if you do not watch lectures. Regarding Prof. Wang's exams, they were fill-in-the-blanks exams. (i.e. she'd ask what a printf more

Comments on the professor

Prof. Wang is incredibly nice and if you go to her office hours, she's very understanding and will help you out with your program. However, her lectures are often hard to comprehend because of her accent + monotonic voice. Still, I'd opt for Prof. Wang over Prof. Quinn because her exams are much easier. I'd watch Prof. Quinn's lectures though...


Watch the lectures and do NOT do the programming assignments a day before it's due. Also, don't cheat because the professors do a mass plagiarism check on everyone's program at the end of the semester and some students got caught for an early assignment when they worked hard throughout the semester.

Suggest a professor

Professor Wang > Professor Quinn.

Course: ECE 26400Grade: C+Workload: HeavyTextbook Use: No