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Professor Bob Givian Reviews


Class Ratings

4Good Class

Prof: Bob Givian / Spring 2021

Aug 27, 2021

Comments on the course

The course isn't so much a math course than a proofs course. It covers topics like logic, formal proofs, set theory, and computation theory. There is a lot of abstract concepts involved and it can get very confusing. The textbook is absolutely essential since all of the homeworks come from it. I can't say anything on exams since COVID19 made all the exams into weekly quizzes. What I can say is that you want to pay very close attention to homework and lectures. Speaking of homework, it is often very long and tedious since you need to either write it out by hand or use a Latex editor to write out the special symbols.

Comments on the professor

Is very involved in the content that he teaches and tries to be as precise as possible. He seems like a non-nonsense professor based on some of the policies in his syllabus.


The course is very abstract so it can seem very hard to grasp. Definitely don't be afraid to ask questions and solve extra problems for this course.

Course: ECE 36900Grade: AWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: Yes