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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
STAT 35000Introduction To Statistics1.
STAT 41600Probability43341
STAT 51100Statistical Methods44341
STAT 50300Statistical Methods For Biology11111
STAT 11300Statistics And Society00000
STAT 18400Cooperative Work Experience II00000
STAT 25000Problems Solving In Probability00000
STAT 29000Topics In Statistics For Undergraduates00000
STAT 42000Introduction To Time Series00000
STAT 47900Loss Models00000
STAT 50100Experimental Statistics I00000
STAT 50600Statistical Programming And Data Management00000
STAT 51300Statistical Quality Control00000
STAT 51600Basic Probability And Applications00000
STAT 52000Time Series And Applications00000
STAT 52500Intermediate Statistical Methodology00000
STAT 52900Applied Decision Theory And Bayesian Statistics00000
STAT 53900Probability Theory II00000
STAT 54500Introduction To Computational Statistics00000
STAT 55300Theory Of Linear Models And Analysis Of Experimental Designs00000
STAT 58000Application Of Statistical Theory00000
STAT 58100Bioinformatics Seminar00000
STAT 58200Statistical Consulting And Collaboration00000
STAT 59000Internship Seminar00000
STAT 59700Statistical Consulting Seminar00000
STAT 59800Topics In Statistical Methods00000
STAT 63800Stochastic Processes I00000
STAT 63900Stochastic Processes II00000
STAT 66700Measure-Theoretic Statistics: Decision Theoretic And Classical00000
STAT 69000Seminar00000
STAT 69100Seminar In Probability Theory00000
STAT 69200Statistics Seminar00000
STAT 69800Research MS Thesis00000
STAT 69900Research PhD Thesis00000
STAT 18300Cooperative Work Experience I00000
STAT 22500Introduction To Probability Models00000
STAT 30100Elementary Statistical Methods00000
STAT 39000Topics In Statistics For Undergraduates00000
STAT 47201Actuarial Models- Life Contingencies00000
STAT 48700Cooperative Work Experience V00000
STAT 50200Experimental Statistics II00000
STAT 51400Design Of Experiments00000
STAT 51700Statistical Inference00000
STAT 52400Applied Multivariate Analysis00000
STAT 52800Introduction To Mathematical Statistics00000
STAT 53800Probability Theory I00000
STAT 54100Advanced Probability And Options With Numerical Methods00000
STAT 54900An Introduction To QTL Mapping In Experimental Populations00000
STAT 17000Introduction To Actuarial Science00000
STAT 19000Topics In Statistics For Undergraduates00000
STAT 28400Cooperative Work Experience III00000
STAT 31100Introductory Probability00000
STAT 38600Cooperative Work Experience IV00000
STAT 41700Statistical Theory00000
STAT 47301Introduction To Arbitrage-Free Pricing Of Financial Derivatives00000
STAT 49000Topics In Statistics For Undergraduates00000
STAT 51200Applied Regression Analysis00000
STAT 51500Statistical Consulting Problem00000
STAT 51900Introduction To Probability00000
STAT 52200Sampling And Survey Techniques00000
STAT 52600Advanced Statistical Methodology00000
STAT 53200Elements Of Stochastic Processes00000
STAT 54000Mathematics Of Finance00000
STAT 54600Computational Statistics00000
STAT 69500Seminar In Mathematical Statistics00000