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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHYS 27200Electric And Magnetic Interactions2222.52
PHYS 24100Electricity And Optics23331
PHYS 17200Modern Mechanics11321
PHYS 22000General Physics42231
PHYS 10400First Year Physics Seminar00000
PHYS 16200Particle Kinematics and Conservation Laws00000
PHYS 18300Professional Practice I00000
PHYS 19000Special Assignments00000
PHYS 21600Introduction To Science-Based Dating00000
PHYS 21900General Physics II00000
PHYS 22100General Physics00000
PHYS 27000Special Topics In Physics00000
PHYS 29500Outreach Assistance As Service Learning00000
PHYS 31700Special Nuclear Materials00000
PHYS 34000Modern Physics Laboratory00000
PHYS 34400Modern Physics00000
PHYS 36000Quantum Mechanics00000
PHYS 38299Professional Practice II00000
PHYS 38600Professional Practice IV00000
PHYS 41000Physical Mechanics I Honors00000
PHYS 41600Thermal And Statistical Physics Honors00000
PHYS 43000Electricity And Magnetism I Honors00000
PHYS 46000Quantum Mechanics I Honors00000
PHYS 48700Professional Practice V00000
PHYS 51500Thermal And Statistical Physics00000
PHYS 53000Electricity And Magnetism00000
PHYS 54500Solid-State Physics00000
PHYS 56000Stellar Evolution00000
PHYS 56300Astroparticle Physics00000
PHYS 56600Introduction To Quantum Chromodynamics00000
PHYS 57500Relativity Theory00000
PHYS 59300Independent Research00000
PHYS 60100Methods Of Theoretical Physics II00000
PHYS 60300Methods Of Theoretical Physics IIIB00000
PHYS 61700Statistical Mechanics00000
PHYS 63100Advanced Theory Of Electricity And Magnetism00000
PHYS 65800Theoretical Techniques Of Elementary Particle Physics I00000
PHYS 66100Quantum Mechanics II00000
PHYS 66400Quantum Theory Of Many-Body Systems00000
PHYS 67500General Relativity00000
PHYS 69800Research MS Thesis00000
PHYS 15200Mechanics00000
PHYS 18400Professional Practice II00000
PHYS 21400The Nature Of Physics00000
PHYS 21800General Physics00000
PHYS 23300Physics For Life Sciences I00000
PHYS 23500Seminar In Careers In Physics00000
PHYS 25200Electricity And Optics Laboratory00000
PHYS 27100Electricity And Magnetism00000
PHYS 28400Professional Practice III00000
PHYS 30600Mathematical Methods Of Physics I00000
PHYS 31000Intermediate Mechanics00000
PHYS 33000Intermediate Electricity And Magnetism00000
PHYS 34200Modern Physics00000
PHYS 35000Intermediate Laboratory I00000
PHYS 38199Professional Practice I00000
PHYS 38399Professional Practice III00000
PHYS 39000Special Assignments00000
PHYS 41100Physical Mechanics II Honors00000
PHYS 42200Waves And Oscillations00000
PHYS 45000Intermediate Laboratory00000
PHYS 46100Quantum Mechanics II Honors00000
PHYS 49000Special Assignments00000
PHYS 52100Survey Of Classical Physics00000
PHYS 52600Physics Of Quantum Computing And Quantum Information00000
PHYS 55000Introduction To Quantum Mechanics00000
PHYS 56100Galaxies And Large Scale Structure00000
PHYS 56400Introduction To Elements Particle Physics00000
PHYS 56700Observational Techniques In Astronomy00000
PHYS 59000Reading And Research00000
PHYS 60000Methods Of Theoretical Physics I00000
PHYS 60200Methods Of Theoretical Physics IIIA00000
PHYS 61000Advanced Theoretical Mechanics00000
PHYS 63000Advanced Theory Of Electricity And Magnetism00000
PHYS 64600Electron Theory Of Solids II00000
PHYS 66000Quantum Mechanics I00000
PHYS 66200Quantum Field Theory I00000
PHYS 67200Advanced Physics Laboratory00000
PHYS 69900Research PhD Thesis00000
PHYS 14900Mechanics, Heat, And Wave Motion00000
PHYS 16300Mechanics, Heat, And Kinetic Theory00000
PHYS 21500Physics For Elementary Education00000
PHYS 21700Introduction To Current Physics And Forefront Research00000
PHYS 22200Mechanics Laboratory00000
PHYS 23400Physics For Life Sciences II00000
PHYS 24200Introduction To Heat And Thermal Physics00000
PHYS 26100Electricity And Optics00000
PHYS 27101Electricity And Magnetism Laboratory00000
PHYS 29000Special Assignments00000
PHYS 30700Mathematical Methods Of Physics II00000
PHYS 32200Intermediate Optics00000
PHYS 43100Electricity And Magnetism II Honors00000
PHYS 45200Intermediate Modern Physics Laboratory III Honors00000
PHYS 47000Special Topics In Physics00000
PHYS 51000Physical Mechanics00000
PHYS 52200Coherent Optics And Quantum Electronics00000
PHYS 53600Electronic Techniques For Research00000
PHYS 55600Introductory Nuclear Physics00000
PHYS 56200Introduction To High Energy Astrophysics00000
PHYS 56500Introduction To Elementary Particle Physics II00000
PHYS 57000Selected Topics In Physics00000
PHYS 58000Computational Physics00000
PHYS 59500Instructional Design In Physical Science00000
PHYS 60500Pedagogical Methods For Physics Graduate Students00000
PHYS 61800Advanced Statistical Mechanics00000
PHYS 64500Electron Theory Of Solids I00000
PHYS 65900Theoretical Techniques Of Elementary Particle Physics II00000
PHYS 66300Quantum Field Theory II00000
PHYS 67000Selected Topics In Physics00000
PHYS 69600Introduction To Physics Research00000