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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECE 33700ASIC Design Laboratory424.753
ECE 30100Signals And Systems3.53432
ECE 36900Discrete Mathematics For Computer Engineering32.52.52.52
ECE 26400Advanced C Programming3.52.544.52
ECE 20100Linear Circuit Analysis I11331
ECE 40400Introduction To Computer Security54551
ECE 36200Microprocessor Systems And Interfacing53551
ECE 57000Artificial Intelligence53541
ECE 43700Computer Design And Prototyping51551
ECE 36800Data Structures32241
ECE 27000Introduction To Digital System Design00000
ECE 29299Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op II00000
ECE 30800Systems Simulation And Control Laboratory00000
ECE 36400Software Engineering Tools Laboratory00000
ECE 38399Professional Practice Co-Op III00000
ECE 39600Industrial Practice Seminar I00000
ECE 41400Elements Of Electro And Fiber Optics00000
ECE 43300Power Electronics00000
ECE 45300Fundamentals Of Nanoelectronics00000
ECE 46100Software Engineering00000
ECE 47300Introduction To Artificial Intelligence00000
ECE 48300Digital Control Systems Analysis And Design00000
ECE 49600Electrical And Computer Engineering Projects00000
ECE 51300Diffraction, Fourier Optics, And Imaging00000
ECE 54400Digital Communications00000
ECE 56300Programming Parallel Machines00000
ECE 57300Compilers And Translator Writing Systems00000
ECE 60200Lumped System Theory00000
ECE 61000Energy Conversion00000
ECE 61700Antennas: Design And Applications00000
ECE 62900Introduction To Neural Networks00000
ECE 64100Digital Image Processing II00000
ECE 20000Electrical And Computer Engineering Seminar00000
ECE 25500Introduction To Electronic Analysis And Design00000
ECE 30600Electronic Circuits And Systems Laboratory00000
ECE 32100Electromechanical Motion Devices00000
ECE 37900Junior Participation In Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) In Electrical And Computer Engineering00000
ECE 39499Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op IV00000
ECE 40000Professional Development And Career Guidance00000
ECE 41437ASIC Fabrication And Test I00000
ECE 43500Object-Oriented Design Using C++ And Java00000
ECE 44100Distributed Parameter Systems00000
ECE 45700Electronic Design Laboratory00000
ECE 47000Curricular Practical Training00000
ECE 49500Selected Topics In Electrical And Computer Engineering00000
ECE 51100Psychophysics00000
ECE 53800Digital Signal Processing I00000
ECE 55900MOS VLSI Design00000
ECE 56900Introduction To Robotic Systems00000
ECE 60420Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits00000
ECE 61500Nonlinear Optics00000
ECE 62500Analysis Of Electromechanical Systems II00000
ECE 63800Principles Of Digital Color Imaging Systems00000
ECE 64700Performance Modeling Of Computer Communication Networks00000
ECE 65900Quantum Phenomena In Semiconductors00000
ECE 66600Advanced Computer Systems00000
ECE 67600Academic Oral Communication For International Research Students00000
ECE 68800VLSI Testing And Verification00000
ECE 69700Directed Reading In Electrical Engineering00000
ECE 20700Electronic Measurement Techniques00000
ECE 29100Industrial Practice I00000
ECE 29600Electrical And Computer Engineering Projects00000
ECE 30700Electromagnetic Fields And Waves Laboratory00000
ECE 32300Electromechanical Motion Devices and Systems Laboratory00000
ECE 38299Professional Practice Co-Op II00000
ECE 39699Professional Practice Internship00000
ECE 40862Software For Embedded Systems00000
ECE 41438ASIC Fabrication And Test II00000
ECE 43200Elements Of Power System Engineering00000
ECE 44000Transmission Of Information00000
ECE 45600Digital Integrated Circuit Analysis And Design00000
ECE 46900Operating Systems Engineering00000
ECE 49022Electrical Engineering Senior Design Projects00000
ECE 50653Fundamentals Of Nanoelectronics00000
ECE 52800Measurement And Stimulation Of The Nervous System00000
ECE 55200Introduction To Lasers00000
ECE 56800Embedded Systems00000
ECE 59500Selected Topics In Electrical Engineering00000
ECE 60874Mobile Computing Systems00000
ECE 61800Numerical Electromagnetics00000
ECE 63300Modeling And Simulation Of Power System Components00000
ECE 64200Information Theory And Source Coding00000
ECE 65600Electronic Transport In Semiconductors00000
ECE 66300Compiler Code Generation, Optimization, And Parallelization00000
ECE 67700Communication Aspects Of Academic Research00000
ECE 69200Introduction To Graduate Research00000
ECE 69600Advanced Electrical Engineering Projects00000
ECE 19000Introduction To Electrical And Computer Engineering00000
ECE 20800Electronic Devices And Design Laboratory00000
ECE 29199Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op I00000
ECE 30200Probabilistic Methods In Electrical And Computer Engineering00000
ECE 30862Object-Oriented Programming In C++ And Java00000
ECE 38200Feedback System Analysis And Design00000
ECE 39599Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op V00000
ECE 40200Electrical Engineering Design Projects00000
ECE 41200Introduction To Engineering Optics00000
ECE 42300Electromechanical Motion Control00000
ECE 43800Digital Signal Processing With Applications00000
ECE 45500Integrated Circuit Engineering00000
ECE 46800Introduction To Compilers And Translation Engineering00000
ECE 47700Digital Systems Senior Project00000
ECE 49595Selected Topics In Electrical And Computer Engineering00000
ECE 50863Computer Network Systems00000
ECE 53200Computational Methods For Power System Analysis00000
ECE 56200Introduction To Data Management00000
ECE 60000Random Variables And Signals00000
ECE 60600Solid State Devices00000
ECE 61600Ultrafast Optics00000
ECE 62700Introduction To Cryptography And Secure Communication00000
ECE 63900Error Control Coding00000
ECE 64800Wavelet, Time-Frequency, And Multirate Signal Processing00000
ECE 65800Semiconductor Material And Device Characterization00000
ECE 66400Formal Languages, Computability, And Complexity00000
ECE 67500Introduction To Analysis Of Nonlinear Systems00000
ECE 68000Modern Automatic Control00000
ECE 69500Advanced Topics In Electrical And Computer Engineering00000
ECE 19595Selected Topics In Electrical And Computer Engineering00000
ECE 29200Industrial Practice II00000
ECE 30010Introduction To Machine Learning And Pattern Recognition00000
ECE 30834Fundamentals Of Computer Graphics00000
ECE 35700VLSI Chip Design Laboratory00000
ECE 38199Professional Practice Co-Op I00000
ECE 39595Selected Topics In Electrical And Computer Engineering00000
ECE 40020Sound Reinforcement System Design00000
ECE 41300Introduction To Optics Laboratory00000
ECE 41500Electro- And Fiber Optics Laboratory00000
ECE 55700Integrated Circuit Fabrication Laboratory00000
ECE 57700Engineering Aspects Of Remote Sensing00000
ECE 60400Electromagnetic Field Theory00000
ECE 61200Advanced VLSI Devices00000
ECE 62400Multimedia Systems00000
ECE 63700Digital Image Processing I00000
ECE 65000Topics In Solid-State Devices And Materials00000
ECE 66100Computer Vision00000
ECE 67000Modeling And Optimization Of High-Performance Interconnects00000
ECE 67800Radar Engineering00000
ECE 69300Advanced Intern Project00000
ECE 69800Research MS Thesis00000
ECE 20200Linear Circuit Analysis II00000
ECE 27900Sophomore Participation In Vertically Integrated Projects In Electrical And Computer Engineering00000
ECE 29595Selected Topics In Electrical And Computer Engineering00000
ECE 30500Semiconductor Devices00000
ECE 31100Electric And Magnetic Fields00000
ECE 39399Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op III00000
ECE 46300Introduction To Computer Communication Networks00000
ECE 47900Senior Participation In Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) In Electrical And Computer Engineering00000
ECE 50616Physics And Manufacturing Of Solar Cells00000
ECE 52600Fundamentals Of MEMS And Micro-Integrated Systems00000
ECE 54700Introduction To Computer Communication Networks00000
ECE 56500Computer Architecture00000
ECE 58000Optimization Methods For Systems And Control00000
ECE 60800Computational Models And Methods00000
ECE 62000Introduction To Biomedical Imaging Systems00000
ECE 63400Digital Video Systems00000
ECE 64500Estimation Theory00000
ECE 65400Solid State Devices II00000
ECE 66200Pattern Recognition And Decision-Making Processes00000
ECE 67300Distributed Computing Systems00000
ECE 67900Advanced Digital Communications00000
ECE 69400Electrical And Computer Engineering Seminar00000
ECE 69900Research PhD Thesis00000