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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHM 11100General Chemistry3.32.333.33
CHM 11500General Chemistry2222.52
CHM 11200General Chemistry43441
CHM 12500Introduction To Chemistry I44551
CHM 12901General Chemistry With A Biological Focus21351
CHM 12600Introduction To Chemistry II00000
CHM 13500General Chemistry Honors00000
CHM 18300Cooperative Work Experience I00000
CHM 19400Freshman Chemistry Orientation00000
CHM 20000Fundamentals Of Chemistry00000
CHM 24100Introductory Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHM 25500Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 25600Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 25700Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 26100Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 26200Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 26300Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 26500Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 26600Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 26700Organic Chemistry Laboratory Honors00000
CHM 29000Selected Topics In Chemistry For Lower-Division Students00000
CHM 29400Sophomore Chemistry Seminar00000
CHM 32100Analytical Chemistry I00000
CHM 33300Principles Of Biochemistry00000
CHM 34201Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 37300Physical Chemistry00000
CHM 37401Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 37509Professional Practice II00000
CHM 38600Cooperative Work Experience IV00000
CHM 42600Analytical Chemistry II Honors00000
CHM 47500Advanced Physical Chemistry00000
CHM 49400Junior-Senior Chemistry Seminar00000
CHM 50200Modern Chemistry In The High School00000
CHM 53800Molecular Biotechnology00000
CHM 56300Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 58100Atmospheric Chemistry00000
CHM 61000Topics In Chemical Education00000
CHM 61600Advanced Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy00000
CHM 62200Chemical Aspects Of Mass Spectrometry00000
CHM 65200Synthetic Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 67200Quantum Chemistry00000
CHM 67500Chemical Kinetics00000
CHM 68200Statistical Thermodynamics00000
CHM 69800Research MS Thesis00000
CHM 26800Organic Chemistry Laboratory Honors00000
CHM 33901Biochemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 37000Topics In Physical Chemistry00000
CHM 37301Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 37409Professional Practice I00000
CHM 37700Physical Chemistry Honors Laboratory00000
CHM 39699Professional Practice Internship00000
CHM 44400Cosmochemistry00000
CHM 47509Professional Practice III00000
CHM 48700Cooperative Work Experience V00000
CHM 49900Special Assignments00000
CHM 51300Chemical Literature00000
CHM 54800Radiochemistry00000
CHM 56100Fundamental Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 59900Special Assignments00000
CHM 61100Formulas For Successful Teaching00000
CHM 62000Spectrochemical Instrumentation00000
CHM 62400Particle Spectroscopy00000
CHM 63100Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy:00000
CHM 63400Biochemistry: Structural Aspects00000
CHM 64100Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHM 64200Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHM 64600Kinetics And Mechanisms Of Inorganic Reactions00000
CHM 64800Bioinorganic Chemistry00000
CHM 67100Advanced Physical Chemistry00000
CHM 67300Computational Quantum Chemistry00000
CHM 67900Chemical Thermodynamics00000
CHM 69600Special Topics In Chemistry00000
CHM 10000Preparation For General Chemistry00000
CHM 11600General Chemistry00000
CHM 12300General Chemistry For Engineers I00000
CHM 12400General Chemistry For Engineers II00000
CHM 12700Advanced General Chemistry Honors00000
CHM 13600General Chemistry Honors00000
CHM 18400Cooperative Work Experience II00000
CHM 19700Chemistry Freshman Honors Research00000
CHM 22400Introductory Quantitative Analysis00000
CHM 25101Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 25501Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 25601Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 25701Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 26105Organic Chemistry For Engineers00000
CHM 26205Organic Chemistry For Engineers00000
CHM 26400Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 26505Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 26605Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 28400Cooperative Work Experience III00000
CHM 29500Undergraduate Chemistry Seminar00000
CHM 32300Analytical Chemistry I Honors00000
CHM 33900Biochemistry: A Molecular Approach00000
CHM 34200Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHM 37200Physical Chemistry00000
CHM 37400Physical Chemistry00000
CHM 37500Physical Chemistry00000
CHM 37600Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 39500Chemistry Honors Seminar00000
CHM 42400Analytical Chemistry II00000
CHM 46200Intermediate Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 48100Environmental Chemistry00000
CHM 49000Selected Topics In Chemistry For Upper-Division Students00000
CHM 53300Introductory Biochemistry00000
CHM 56000Organic Spectroscopic Analysis00000
CHM 57900Computational Chemistry00000
CHM 60500Safety In The Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHM 61500Principles Of NMR Spectroscopy00000
CHM 62100Advanced Analytical Chemistry00000
CHM 62900Chromatographic Methods Of Analysis00000
CHM 63200Membranes: Structure And Function00000
CHM 63500Biochemistry: Dynamic Aspects00000
CHM 63800Biophysical Chemistry00000
CHM 64400Solid State Chemistry00000
CHM 64700Transition Metal And Organometallic Chemistry00000
CHM 65100Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 66800Physical Organic Chemistry00000
CHM 67605Molecular Spectroscopy00000
CHM 69500Seminar00000
CHM 69900Research PhD Thesis00000