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ODU Course Reviews

Old Dominion University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSYC 311Psychology of Criminal Behavior54541
PSYC 318WResearch Methods in Psychology54451
PSYC 363Psychology of Sex54551
PSYC 306Health Psychology53551
PSYC 351Child Psychology44451
COMM 112RIntroduction to Interpersonal Communication25111
PSYC 308Positive Psychology54451
CEE 852Biological Wastewater Treatment00000
CEE 667Cooperative Education00000
CEE 887Dredging and Beach Engineering00000
CET 330Fluid Mechanics00000
CEE 825Smart Structures00000
CEE 533Geomaterials Stabilization00000
CEE 871Transportation Operations II00000
CEE 369Practicum00000
CEE 999Doctoral Graduate Credit00000
CEE 712Advanced Reinforced Concrete00000
CDSE 797Independent Study in Communication Disorders & Special Educa...00000
CET 367Cooperative Education00000
CEE 415Steel Structures Design00000
CEE 730Advanced Foundation Engineering00000
CET 425Land Design And Development00000
CET 468Construction Finance00000
CEE 433Geomaterials Stabilization00000
CEE 755Water Quality Management00000
CEE 761Water Resources Processes and Analysis Methods00000
CEE 817Bridge Structures Design00000
CEE 515Steel Structures Design00000
CEE 832Engineering Behavior of Soils00000
CEE 305Civil and Environmental Computations00000
CEE 860Managing Phosphorous in Circular Economy00000
CEE 559Biofuels Engineering00000
CEE 876Simulation in Transportation Networks00000
CDSE 597Independent Study in Special Topics in Education00000
CEE 895Smoothed Finite Element Method00000
CEE 700Civil and Environmental Engineering Experimental Design00000
CET 210Fundamentals of Building Construction00000
CEE 403WCivil Engineering Design Project and Professional Practice I...00000
CET 345WMaterials Testing Laboratory00000
CEE 719Inelastic Structures00000
CET 405Environmental Loads00000
CCL 826Community College Curriculum, Program Development, and Quali...00000
CET 445Construction Planning and Scheduling00000
CEE 741Open Channel Flow00000
CET 475Senior Design Project00000
CDSE 897Independent Study in Communication Disorders & Special Educa...00000
CEE 759Carbon-Free Clean Energy00000
CEE 447Groundwater Hydraulics00000
CCL 868Internship in Community College Leadership00000
CEE 762Aquatic Chemistry in Environmental Engineering00000
CDSE 999Doctoral Graduate Credit00000
CEE 451Water and Wastewater Treatment00000
CEE 771Transportation Operations II00000
CEE 773Transportation Planning00000
CEE 454Hazardous Waste Treatment00000
CEE 776Simulation in Transportation Networks00000
CEE 782Design of Coastal Structures00000
CEE 814Advanced Structural Analysis00000
CEE 511Concrete Design II00000
CEE 820Structural Stability00000
CEE 240Geog Info Sys-Civ/Env Engn Lab00000
CEE 831Advanced Soil Mechanics00000
CEE 531Earth Structures Design with Geosynthetics00000
CEE 847Groundwater Flow00000
CCL 999Doctoral Graduate Credit00000
CEE 856Water Quality Modeling00000
CEE 547Groundwater Hydraulics00000
CEE 862Aquatic Chemistry in Environmental Engineering00000
CEE 320Civil Engineering Materials00000
CEE 873Transportation Planning00000
CEE 582Introduction to Coastal Engineering00000
CEE 882Design of Coastal Structures00000
CCL 820Community College Leadership00000
CEE 889Computational Environmental Fluid Dynamics00000
CEE 697Carbon-Free Clean Energy00000
CEE 899Dissertation Research00000
CEE 401Civil Engineering Design Project and Professional Practice I00000
CET 200Statics00000
CEE 710Structural Dynamics00000
CET 220Strength of Materials00000
CDSE 697Independent Study in Communication Disorders & Special Educa...00000
CET 340Soils and Foundations00000
CEE 715Engineering Optimization I00000
CET 360Plans And Specifications00000
CEE 411Concrete Design II00000
CET 395Advanced Technical Analysis00000
CEE 723Seismic Design of Steel Structures00000
CET 410Reinforced Concrete Design00000
BNAL 722Agent-Based Simulation And Modeling00000
CET 435Design Of Reinforced Concrete Foundations00000
CEE 732Engineering Behavior of Soils00000
CET 452Wood Design00000
CEE 431Earth Structures Design with Geosynthetics00000
CEE 204Statics00000
CEE 459Biofuels Engineering00000
CEE 787Dredging and Beach Engineering00000
CEE 789Computational Environmental Fluid Dynamics00000
CEE 471Transportation Operations I00000
CEE 797Biolubricant00000
CEE 800Civil and Environmental Engineering Experimental Design00000