ODU Course Reviews

Old Dominion University

PSYC 318WResearch Methods in Psychology54451
PSYC 308Positive Psychology54451
PSYC 363Psychology of Sex54551
PSYC 311Psychology of Criminal Behavior54541
PSYC 351Child Psychology44451
PSYC 306Health Psychology53551
COMM 112RIntroduction to Interpersonal Communication25111
AT 671Athletic Training Research II00000
ARTS 281Weaving and Fibers: Introduction00000
BIOL 112NEnvironment and Man00000
BIOL 309Foundations of Pathophysiology00000
AT 652Pharmacology00000
ARTS 204Foundational Concepts in Studio Art00000
BDA 513Introduction to Machine Learning II00000
ARTE 305Elementary Art Education Methods and Classroom Management00000
BIOL 195Tpc:Biol For Non-Majors II Lab00000
ARTS 368Internship00000
ACCT 624Information Technology Assurance Services00000
BIOL 368Internship00000
ARTH 212Renaissance and Modern Art00000
ARTS 401Design Capstone00000
BIOL 416Clinical Immunology00000
BIOL 476Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy00000
ARTH 316High Renaissance Art in Italy00000
ARTS 461Sculpture Studio00000
ARTS 482Package Design00000
AT 638Documentation & Quality Improvement for Healthcare Providers00000
ARTH 597Tutorial Work in Art History00000
AT 667Athletic Training Practicum II00000
ARAB 195Topics: Readings In Arabic00000
BDA 401Programming Languages for Data Science00000
ARTS 254Printmaking: The Relief Print00000
BIOE 854Advanced Bioelectrics00000
ACCT 505Accounting and Auditing in the Public/Nonprofit Sector00000
BIOL 136NHonors General Biology I00000
ARTS 341Painting II00000
BIOL 294Genetics00000
ARTH 127AHonors: Introduction to the Visual Arts00000
BIOL 322Ethnobotany00000
ARTS 378Extracurricular Studies00000
BIOL 403Medical Microbiology00000
ACCT 305Essentials of Financial Accounting I00000
BIOL 430WMicrobial Pathogenesis00000
ARTS 432Figure Drawing Anatomy00000
BIOL 488WHonors Research in Biology00000
ACCT 640Professional Ethics and Legal Issues In Accounting00000
ARTS 472Art Therapy00000
ARTH 320WHistory of Graphic Design00000
ACCT 367Cooperative Education00000
ARTS 495Tpcs: Art For Social Justice00000
ACCT 668Accounting Internship00000
ARTH 350WArt Criticism00000
ARTS 513Photo Seminar 200000
ARTS 555Letterpress Printmaking00000
ARTH 368Internship00000
ARTS 581Crafts III: Fibers00000
ARTS 697Independent Study00000
AT 630Interprofessional Healthcare in Clinical Practice00000
ARTH 520Pompeii00000
AT 645Research IV00000
ANTR 304Digging Up the Past00000
AT 655Teaching Strategies and Assessment00000
ARTH 697Tutorial in Art History00000
AT 669Athletic Training Practicum IV00000
ACCT 426Taxation of Business Entities00000
AT 687Contemporary Issues in Athletic Training00000
ARTS 251Printmaking: Introduction to Screenprint00000
BDA 432Introduction to Optimization in Data Science00000
ARAB 312Advanced Arabic Language and Culture II00000
BDA 611Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning00000
ARTS 261Introduction to Sculpture00000
BIOL 105NBiology for Nonscience Majors I00000
ACCT 300Accounting For Entrepreneurs00000
BIOL 121NGeneral Biology I00000
ARTS 311Photography 200000
BIOL 150Introductory Microbiology00000
ARTE 480Capstone in Art Education00000
BIOL 251Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ARTS 361Advanced Sculpture00000
BIOL 304Animal Nutrition00000
ACCT 550International and Advanced Accounting00000
BIOL 314Developmental Biology00000
ARTS 372Design Systems00000
BIOL 340Field Botany00000
ARTH 204Debunking Myths in Art00000
BIOL 395Topics00000
ARTS 392Crafts: Blacksmithing00000
BIOL 409Immunology00000
AAST 410Africana Intellectual Thought and Economic Development00000
BIOL 423WCellular and Molecular Biology00000
ARTS 411Photography 300000
BIOL 437WOne Health: People, Animals and the Environment00000
ARTH 305Egyptian Art00000
ACCT 747Seminar in Controllership00000
ARTH 395Tpcs: Art as Cultural Heritage00000
ASIA 353Asian Religions00000
ASIA 461WAsian Studies Capstone Seminar00000
ARTH 435WModern Architecture00000
AT 604Clinical Examination and Patient Care-Lower Extremity00000
AT 617Management of Medical Conditions for Healthcare Providers II00000