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ODU Course Reviews

Old Dominion University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMM 112RIntroduction to Interpersonal Communication25111
PSYC 311Psychology of Criminal Behavior54541
PSYC 363Psychology of Sex54551
PSYC 351Child Psychology44451
PSYC 318WResearch Methods in Psychology54451
CHIN 111FBeginning Chinese53551
PSYC 308Positive Psychology54451
MUSC 264AMusic in History and Culture55551
PSYC 306Health Psychology53551
ENGL 110CEnglish Composition54551
PHIL 155EHuman Nature54551
BDA 431Modern Statistical Methods for Big Data Analytics00000
BIOL 701Practical Computing for Biology00000
BIOL 840Advanced Vaccinology00000
BME 462Introduction to Medical Image Analysis00000
ARTS 363Intermediate Ceramics00000
BIOL 118NIntroduction to Human Biology Lab00000
BME 827Advanced Transport Phenomena in Biomedical Systems00000
BNAL 441Supply Chain Management And Logistics00000
BIOL 305Animal Nutrition Laboratory00000
CCL 824Community College Finance, Fundraising, and Resource Managem...00000
CEE 205Enginering Dynamics00000
ARTH 480Senior Thesis00000
ARTS 433Figure Drawing/ Composition00000
BIOL 395Topics00000
CEE 370Transportation Fundamentals00000
BIOL 575Neurobiology00000
AT 668Athletic Training Practicum III00000
BIOL 748Functional Genomics and Proteomics in Animal Models00000
ARTS 291Metalsmithing and Jewelry: Introduction00000
BIOL 890Biomedical Doctoral Seminar00000
BIOE 854Advanced Bioelectrics00000
BME 722Mathematical Modeling in Physiology II00000
AL 195German Lang & Cultr For Profes00000
BMS 899Dissertation Research00000
BIOL 241Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology II00000
BNAL 700Linear Methods for Business Decisions00000
ARTS 378Extracurricular Studies00000
CDSE 697Independent Study in Communication Disorders & Special Educa...00000
BIOL 322Ethnobotany00000
CEE 324Soil Mechanics Laboratory00000
ACCT 426Taxation of Business Entities00000
BIOL 422Field Studies in Ornithology00000
CEE 433Geomaterials Stabilization00000
CEE 458Sustainable Development00000
CEE 482Introduction to Coastal Engineering00000
ARTH 520Pompeii00000
ARTS 491Metalsmithing and Jewelry: Advanced00000
BIOL 438The Biology of Woody Plants00000
BIOL 445Community Ecology00000
ARTS 512Photo Seminar 100000
BIOL 456Population Genetics00000
BIOL 462Microbial Genetics00000
ACCT 511Financial Auditing00000
ARTH 697Tutorial in Art History00000
ARTS 563Advanced Ceramics00000
BIOL 466Mitigation And Adaptation Studies00000
BIOL 566Introduction to Mitigation and Adaptation00000
AT 652Pharmacology00000
BIOL 620Biometry00000
ARTS 261Introduction to Sculpture00000
BIOL 715Biomedical Sciences Lab00000
AT 687Contemporary Issues in Athletic Training00000
BIOL 801Practical Computing for Biology00000
ACCT 668Accounting Internship00000
BIOL 859Foundations and Principles in Ecology00000
BDA 532Introduction to Optimization in Data Science00000
BME 402Biomedical Engineering II: Applications00000
ARTS 331Drawing II00000
BME 562Introduction to Medical Image Analysis00000
BIOL 110NEnvironmental Sciences00000
BME 792Biomechanics00000
ACCT 367Cooperative Education00000
BME 892Biomechanics00000
BIOL 137NHonors General Biology I Lab00000
BNAL 403Data Visualization and Exploration00000
ARTS 371Design Concepts00000
BNAL 515Advanced Business Analytics/Big Data Applications00000
BIOL 293Cell Biology00000
BNAL 722Agent-Based Simulation And Modeling00000
ARTH 377Extracurricular Studies00000
CCL 899Dissertation00000
BIOL 313Introduction to Neuroanatomy00000
CDSE 998Masters Graduate Credit00000
ARTS 400Senior Show00000
CEE 304Probability Statistics and Risk in Civil and Environmental E...00000
BIOL 350Phage Discovery And Genomics I00000
CEE 350Environmental Pollution and Control00000
AAST 497Independent Study00000
CEE 403WCivil Engineering Design Project and Professional Practice I...00000
BIOL 404Conservation Biology Lab00000
CEE 450Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection System Design00000
ARTS 463Advanced Ceramics00000
BIOL 474Mushrooms00000
ARTS 797Graduate Studio00000
BIOL 490Advanced Human Physiology00000
BIOL 501Entomology00000
ARTS 211Introduction to Digital Photography00000
ASTP 495Tpcs: Spect of Atmospheres00000
BIOL 512Plant Physiology00000