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Professor Qiu Zeyuan Reviews


Class Ratings

4Good Class
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Professor Rating

4Good Prof

Prof: Qiu Zeyuan / Spring 2022

Mar 9, 2022

Comments on the course

This course is incredibly easy. I took it because of a scheduling issue and not being able to find any other electives that I wanted. I'm half way through it with a 102% and minimal effort.

Course Content

The course teaches about the history of environmentalism and gets students thinking about ethics and our part in keeping the world for future generations. It's all pretty basic stuff - documentary videos like "Food, Inc." and weekly readings from the book. Mostly common sense stuff.

Comments on the professor

He's really nice, believes in learning and is active in the field, having written many papers and conducted research of his own. As an American, his Chinese accent was difficult to understand at times but I never even once was confused at what he was saying - just took some more effort.


Do the readings before class like he says, not afterward for the homework. He likes to have short in class discussions so don't be that guy that sits quietly in your group while everyone else talks. The readings are super simple to understand, only about 10 dense pages per week. He has practice quizzes on the readings that don't count for anything which are useful to do to see what he wants you to talk about in class.

Course: EPS 202Delivery: In personGrade: A+Workload: Very LightTextbook Use: Yes
Quiz HeavyAttendance HeavyExam Heavy