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NJIT Course Reviews

New Jersey Institute of Technology

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 280Programming Language Concepts21.522.52
MATH 333Probability and Statistics43.54.54.52
MATH 332Introduction to Functions of a Complex Variable43541
BME 430Fundamentals of Tissue Engineering42441
IT 266Game Modification Development52551
MATH 110University Mathematics B II Trigonometry32451
ME 430Introduction to Computer-Aided Design55551
CS 610Data Structures and Algorithms42441
MATH 112Calculus II52451
IT 120Introduction to Network Technology55551
PHYS 121Physics II54551
CE 614Underground Construction44441
EPS 202Society, Technology, and the Environment45421
IS 677Information System Principles00000
ECET 402ECET Senior Project II00000
IS 790FDoct Dissertation & Res00000
IT 330Computer Forensic00000
ECE 432Control Systems Elective00000
HSS 407THTR SEM: Theatre and Technology00000
IT 725Independent Study00000
MATH 115Elements of Geometry00000
ID 312Mechanics and Electronics00000
MATH 337Linear Algebra00000
MATH 450Methods Of Applied Math Honors00000
DD 403Digital Sound and Music00000
ECE 613Protection of Power Systems00000
IE 443Senior Project I00000
MATH 609Projects in Math Comp Finance00000
IS 592Graduate Co-op Work Experience III00000
ECET 205Fundamentals of Analog Electronics00000
IS 701CMaster's Thesis00000
ECE 414Electrical and Computer Engineering Project I00000
IT 220Wireless Networks00000
ECET 493Special Projects in ECET00000
IT 485ST: Vulkan Game Programming00000
DD 275History of Games00000
MATH NEMath Stack For Non-Engineers00000
HUM 212The Modern World00000
MATH 244Introduction to Probability Theory00000
ECE 463Optoelectronics00000
MATH 391Numerical Linear Algebra00000
IE 310Co-op Work Experience I00000
MATH 546Advanced Calculus00000
CS 685Software Architecture00000
MATH 645Analysis I00000
IE 466Material Handling and Facilities Layout00000
MATH 677Calculus of Variations00000
MATH 692MSMCF Forum00000
DD 449Imaginary Worlds: Architecture in Motion Pictures00000
ECE 640Digital Signal Processing00000
IE 621Systems Analysis and Simulation00000
IE 673Total Quality Management00000
ECE 660Control Systems I00000
IE 687Healthcare Enterprise Systems00000
IE 726Independent Research II00000
CS 701CMaster's Thesis00000
ECE 231Circuits and Systems I00000
ECE 673Random Signal Analysis I00000
IE 790DDoc Dissertation & Res00000
IS 485ST- Business Process Innovation00000
ECE 792BPre-Doctoral Research00000
IS 657Spatiotemporal Urban Analytics00000
ECE 374Electronic Device I00000
IS 685Enterprise Architecture and Integration00000
ECET 329Analog and Digital Electronics00000
IS 765Methods in Info Sys Research00000
CS 790EDoct Dissertation & Res00000
IS 792Pre-Doctoral Research00000
ECET 418Transmission Systems00000
IT 286Foundations of Game Production00000
ECE 421Digital Data Communication00000
IT 382User Interfaces for Extended Reality00000
HIST 726Independent Study00000
IT 491IT Capstone Project00000
CS 676Cognitive Computing00000
LIT 360Drama00000
HUM 099English Composition: Reading, Writing, Speaking I00000
MATH 108University Mathematics B00000
ECE 451Advanced Computer Architecture00000
MATH 211Calculus III A00000
ID 217Modeling and Manufacturing00000
MATH 326Discrete Analysis for Computer Engineers00000
DD 321Inter/Reactive Environments00000
MATH 347Mathematics of Finance II00000
ID 364Industrial Design Studio IV00000
MATH 442Actuarial Mathematics II00000
ECE 592Graduate Co-op Work Experience III00000
MATH 478Stat Methods in Data Sci00000
IE 355Human Factors00000
MATH 604Mathematical Finance00000
CIMT 493Independent Study00000
MATH 630Linear Algebra and Applications00000
IE 455Robotics and Programmable Logic Controllers00000
MATH 664Methods for Statistical Consulting00000
ECE 636Computer Networking Laboratory00000
IE 792BPre Doctoral Research00000
ECE 692Embedded Computing Systems00000
INT 321Methods and Materials00000
INT 363Interior Design Studio III00000
ECE 291Electrical Engineering Laboratory I00000