NJIT Course Reviews

New Jersey Institute of Technology

CS 280Programming Language Concepts21.522.52
MATH 333Probability and Statistics43.54.54.52
IT 120Introduction to Network Technology55551
MATH 332Introduction to Functions of a Complex Variable43541
PHYS 121Physics II54551
ME 430Introduction to Computer-Aided Design55551
EPS 202Society, Technology, and the Environment45421
CS 610Data Structures and Algorithms42441
BME 430Fundamentals of Tissue Engineering42441
CE 614Underground Construction44441
MATH 112Calculus II52451
IT 266Game Modification Development52551
ARCH 701BMaster's Thesis00000
ARCH 495Advanced Architecture Studio I00000
AS 335Leadership Lab00000
BDS 791Doctoral Seminar00000
ARCH 295Architecture Studio III00000
ARCH 507GAdvanced Design Options III00000
BIOL 285Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy00000
BIOL 341Introduction to Neurophysiology00000
ARCH 534History Arch Technology00000
BIOL 375Conservation Biology00000
BIOL 436Advanced Neuroscience Modeling00000
AD 493Independent Study00000
ARCH 329Structures II00000
ARCH 543GEnvironmental Control Systems I00000
BIOL 491Research and Independent Study00000
ARCH 686Research Methods for Environmental Design00000
ARCH 475Professional Practice II00000
AS 112Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force II00000
ARCH 252History of Architecture II00000
AS 444Preparation for Active Duty00000
ARCH 503GArchitecture Studio III00000
BIOL 202Found of Biol: Cell & Molecula00000
AD 201Human Factors/Ergonomics00000
BIOL 321Comp Vertebrate Anatomy00000
ARCH 529GHistory of Architecture II00000
BIOL 347Lab Approaches in Neuroscience00000
ARCH 317Advanced Architectural Graphics00000
BIOL 400Biology in Science Fiction00000
ARCH 541GConstruction I00000
BIOL 453Applied Genetics & Genomics00000
ACCT 435Intermediate Accounting II00000
BIOL 590Grad Coop Work Experience I00000
ARCH 547Topics In Comp Applic00000
BIOL 610Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy00000
BIOL 630Critical Thinking for the Life Sciences00000
ARCH 110Tools and Techniques I: Introduction to Architecture Thinkin...00000
ARCH 337Building Information Modeling00000
ARCH 555GTools and Techniques I00000
ARCH 561Synthesis Seminar00000
ARCH 363Architecture Studio III00000
ARCH 564Integrated Design Studio00000
ARCH 566Advanced Architectural Design Studio00000
ACCT 615Management Accounting00000
ARCH 164Introduction to Design II00000
ARCH 381History of Architecture III00000
ARCH 573Tech For Commn & Urb Dgn00000
ARCH 683Graduate Coop Work Exper IV00000
ARCH 464Option Studio II00000
ARCH 701CMasters Thesis00000
ARCH 229Structures I00000
AS 111Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force I00000
ARCH 491Independent Study00000
AS 222Team and Leadership Fundamentals II00000
AD 161History of Art And Design I00000
AS 401Aeropsace Independent Study00000
ARCH 501GArchitecture Studio I00000
BDS 726Independent Research II00000
ARCH 264Architecture Studio II00000
BIOL 200Concepts in Biology00000
ARCH 505GAdvanced Architecture Studio I00000
BIOL 206Foundations of Biology: Ecology and Evolution Lab00000
ACCT 415Auditing00000
BIOL 315Principles of Neurobiology00000
ARCH 527GSituating Prac:Thrshds of Arch00000
BIOL 338Ecology of the Dining Hall00000
ARCH 310Co-Op Work Experience I00000
BIOL 344Physiological Mechanisms00000
ARCH 531EHistory of Non-Western Architecture00000
BIOL 352Genetics00000
AD 463Collaborative Design Studio00000
BIOL 383Neural Basis of Behavior00000
ARCH 537Advanced Structures00000
BIOL 423Physiological Mechanisms00000
ARCH 324Landscape and Urbanism00000
BIOL 447Systems Neurobiology00000
ARCH 542GConstruction II00000
BIOL 475Ecological Field Methods Honors00000
ACCT 215Managerial Accounting I00000
BIOL 495Honors Seminar in Biology Honors00000
ARCH 545GStructures I00000
BIOL 605Prin of Bioscience Processing00000
ARCH 332Arch: Image & Word I00000
ARCH 579GProfessional Practice II00000
ARCH 395Architecture Studio V00000
ARCH 626Building Dynamics00000
ARCH 636History and Theory of Urban Planning and Design00000
ARCH 210History of Architecture I00000
ARCH 410Co-Op Work Experience II00000