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Prof: Dawn Shirak / Fall 2020

Aug 22, 2021

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This class is just so useless, it's your typical filler 1 credit "teamwork" course for Khoury majors. You don't learn anything, but have to do activities about teamwork and cooperation each week and then there's a final presentation where you invent an app and present about it. Everything is done with your randomly selected team of 5-6 assigned at the start of the semester. It's absolutely *** awful because no one wants to put in any effort towards this class and I don't blame them. There are 5-6 assignments to do in the class related to the project that your supposed to assign to each team member. But all it takes is for a single team member to not do it/turn it in late and your grade will take a big hit due to the massive 15 point late penalty. They grade this like a real class too, so more


If you want to get an A in this class, which should be the easiest thing in the world theoretically, you need be annoying asf and bother your teammate whose turn it is to do the assignment until they get it done. Double check every assignment and make sure it's actually acceptably done. No matter what do not turn in anything late, if it's 11 PM and nothing has been turned in, you're just gonna have to bite the bullet and do the assignment for them. My grade suffered tremendously in this class at the start because I had the worst team with just one other person who wanted to do well and 3 people who did not even reply to any texts or messages until 2 months into the semester. There is a very nice revenge component at the end because there's a peer grading assignment that is worth a more

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Course: CS 1200Grade: A-Workload: 1hrs/weekTextbook Use: Optional