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NEU Course Reviews

Northeastern University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 3500Object-Oriented Design4.
CS 2500Fundamentals of Computer Science 13.52.5342
JRNL 1150Understanding Today’s News3.5443.52
CS 3520Programming in C++443.542
HIST 1130Introduction to the History of the United States3.533.53.52
DS 2000Programming with Data554.552
MATH 3081Probability and Statistics4.5544.52
PJM 2200Project Procurement and Contract Management52551
ENTR 2301Innovation!43431
MATH 1231Calculus for Business and Economics33221
MATH 2331Linear Algebra53541
ME 2355Mechanics of Materials54551
POLS 3302Judicial Process and Behavior55551
PJM 2100Quality and Risk53551
MATH 4581Statistics and Stochastic Processes53551
MATH 2341Differential Equations and Linear Algebra for Engineering45351
ME 2350Statics33341
PHYS 1155Physics for Engineering 244341
ARTF 1120Observational Drawing45441
ARCH 1310Buildings and Cities, A Global History44541
PHIL 1160Introduction to Economic Justice35331
ME 2381Recitation for ME 238024111
HUSV 2300Counseling in Human Services55441
GE 1501Cornerstone of Engineering 155551
CS 5006Algorithms44551
BUSN 6365Business Analytics15111
CS 1200First Year Seminar15111
CS 5001Intensive Foundations of Computer Science25321
AMSL 1102Elementary ASL 243451
PJM 2000Project Monitoring and Control53551
MATH 2321Calculus 3 for Science and Engineering43541
ME 4550Mechanical Engineering Design53551
PJM 1400Project Planning53551
CS 5007Computer Systems54541
MATH 1251Calculus and Differential Equations for Biology 133221
MATH 1365Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning43251
ME 2380Thermodynamics32341
SOCL 2358Current Issues in Cities and Suburbs45431
CS 5004Object-Oriented Design15111
COMM 1131Sex, Relationships, and Communication55551
PHYS 1125Introduction to Network Science: From the Human Cell to Facebook32331
ME 2341Lab for ME 234034331
MKTG 3301Marketing Management54551
INFO 7370Designing Advanced Data Architectures for Business Intelligence52551
MATH 4555Complex Variables43451
ENGW 1111First-Year Writing35221
BIOT 7250Advanced Biotechnology Applications Laboratory22431
CS 1800Discrete Structures43441
PSYC 1250Drugs and Behavior55551
ME 2340Introduction to Material Science32221
ME 3475Fluid Mechanics42431
CS 5002Discrete Structures24121
ECON 1240Economics of Crime45541
PJM 1100Project Management Fundamentals - Project Initiation and Close53551
CS 5400Principles of Programming Language15111
CS 2510Fundamentals of Computer Science 243321
CHEM 2315Organic Chemistry 1 for Chemistry Majors52551
CRIM 6900Cybercrime00000
EMGT 6964Co-op Work Experience00000
ENGL 1701Global Literatures 200000
ENGL 2410Contemporary American Literature00000
BUSN 6333Lean Business Model Design For New Ventures00000
CRIM 7207Lab For Crim 720600000
ENGL 3150Topearlylit:Gendsexrenaissance00000
ENGL 316120th- and 21st-Century Literatures00000
CRIM 7330Punishment and Social Control00000
ENGL 4100Toplitcrit:Queertheorylitfilm00000
ENGL 7214St:19Cam/Emerson,Thoreau,Fulle00000
BIOE 5720Physical Bioengineering00000
CAEP 3200Childhood Adversity and College Attainment00000
CRIM 7990Thesis00000
ENGR 5964Projects for Professionals00000
ENVR 4515Sustainable Development00000
CS 0210Introduction to Search00000
ENVR 4966Undergraduate Teaching Experience 200000
ENVR 5231Lab for ENVR 523000000
CAEP 7723Rorschach00000
CS 3740Systems Security00000
ENVR 5400Marine Science Policy And Ethics00000
ENVR 5978Independent Study00000
CS 4620Building Extensible Systems00000
ENVR 6954Co-op Work Experience Half Time00000
GAME 2555Games For Change00000
AMSL 1401Elementary Asl 1 For Healthcare Professionals00000
BIOE 7391Student Seminar00000
CHEM 2120Tropical Disease And Medicine00000
CS 4800Algorithms and Data00000
GAME 4355Game Scripting00000
GRMN 3101Advanced German 100000
CS 5081Accessibility and Inclusiveness in Human-Computer Interactio...00000
HBRW 2101Intermediate Hebrew 100000
HINF 8986Research00000
CHEM 5641Computational Chemistry00000
CS 5963Science Fiction for Com Sci00000
HIST 1219History of Global Pandemics00000
HIST 2338African-American History Since 190000000
CS 7390Special Topics in Human-Centered Computing00000
HIST 3322The History of Medicine in North America00000
HIST 5244Historic Preservation00000
BIOL 1120Lab for BIOL 111900000