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Professor Ami Popat-jain Reviews


Class Ratings

5Amazing Class
5Very Easy

Prof: Ami Popat-jain / Spring 2021

Aug 22, 2021

Comments on the course

Very easy class. There are many client/patient roleplays and a final presentation so you cannot be shy at public speaking. Tests were easy and the grading is very forgiving as roleplays are worth a lot of points and almost always will be easy 100s. I found the material to be a little less interesting than I expected but still very interesting overall. Material starts off extremely easy, I mean like middle school health class level of easy, but actually ends up somewhat difficult near the end after you move on from counseling and get into psychotherapy and other complicated topics. There becomes a lot of material to memorize. But again, the tests are easy so it's fine. This class is definitely useful for psychology/sociology/human services majors, but I took it as an elective so it's more


Take notes in class, review the powerpoints, and you'll get an A or A- very easily. Really the only way to get below an A- in this class would be if you never went to class at all.

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Ami Popat-Jain is incredibly nice and a great professor. Highly recommend

Course: HUSV 2300Grade: AWorkload: 2hrs/weekTextbook Use: No