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BUSN 6365

Business Analytics

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Prof: Mauricio Codesso / Summer 2021

Sep 2, 2021

Comments on the course

Almost the entirety of it is done through DataCamp, so you're basically teaching yourself SQL and Python. Also it's an intro level course, but it absolutely requires a strong background in data analytics work to actually comprehend what is going on due to how quickly it scales. It's super easy because all of the work is online and more or less handed to you, but it is unfortunate how little you will retain from this class for practical use.

Comments on the professor

The worst professor I've had at any level of college, undergraduate or graduate. Very easygoing, which makes it an easy A, but the guy borders on unprofessional in how nonchalantly he treats his teaching. Almost every question in class is met with a "don't worry, you'll learn that later". And then we just didn't learn it.


Don't take this class or professor if you can help it.

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