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NEU Course Reviews

Northeastern University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BUSN 6365Business Analytics15111
BUSN 1110Fundamentals of Business00000
BUSN 6280How Executives Shape and Lead Innovation and Enterprise Growth00000
BUSN 6343Sharing Economy, Crowdsourcing, and Digital Business Transformation00000
BUSN 6864Experiential Study00000
BUSN 3944Junior/Senior Internship00000
BUSN 6325The Moral and Social Dimensions of Business Leadership and Decision Making00000
BUSN 6352Python for Business Analytics00000
BUSN 6372High-Engagement Management00000
BUSN 4993Independent Study00000
BUSN 6337Crime? Punishment? Ethics?00000
BUSN 6350Managerial Coaching00000
BUSN 6955Co-op Work Experience Abroad - Half-Time00000
BUSN 6319Power and Politics: Getting Things Done in Organizations00000
BUSN 6354Creating Value through Artificial Intelligence00000
BUSN 6962Elective00000
BUSN 2992Research00000
BUSN 6322U00000
BUSN 6347Change in the Digital Era00000
BUSN 6370Digital Money00000
BUSN 1102Personal Skill Development for Business00000
BUSN 5001Data-Driven and Technology-Enabled Value Creation in Digital Economy00000
BUSN 6335Promoting Sustainable Practices at Work00000
BUSN 6353Business Ethics: Compliance and Enforcement00000
BUSN 1990Elective00000
BUSN 6200Career Management00000
BUSN 6342Design Value with Creative Problem Solving00000
BUSN 6964Co-op Work Experience00000
BUSN 6274Social Media Marketing00000
BUSN 6340Modeling for Business Analytics for Managers00000
BUSN 6351Experiential Education00000
BUSN 6950MBA Skills Workshop00000
BUSN 1106Essentials of Business00000
BUSN 6204Persuasive Communication with B2B Customers00000
BUSN 6341Digital Financial Models—How to Value an e-Business00000
BUSN 6371Setting Your Own Work/Life Agenda00000
BUSN 3990Elective00000
BUSN 6324Predictive Analytics for Managers00000
BUSN 6344The Fintech Revolution00000
BUSN 6366International Corporate Governance and Strategic Thinking00000
BUSN 7976Directed Study00000
BUSN 3110The Consulting Environment00000
BUSN 6320Business Analytics Fundamentals00000
BUSN 6346Digital Fluency in the AI-enabled Enterprise00000
BUSN 6954Co-op Work Experience - Half-Time00000
BUSN 1103Professional Development for Business Co-op00000
BUSN 6263Working Capital Management00000
BUSN 6338Blockchain and Bitcoin—Radical Innovation and Strategic Response00000
BUSN 6349Digital Globalization00000
BUSN 1101Introduction to Business00000
BUSN 4998Research00000
BUSN 6327Managing and Working in a Virtual World00000
BUSN 6348Strategic Valuation: Fintech and Beating the Marketing00000
BUSN 6945Washington Campus Seminar00000
BUSN 2990Elective00000
BUSN 6304Career Management for Working Professionals00000
BUSN 6345Business Information Visualization00000
BUSN 6369Using Data from Application Programming Interfaces for Informed Decision Making00000
BUSN 6295Mindful Leadership in Global Strategy00000
BUSN 6367Digital Transformation in Organizations00000
BUSN 4990Elective00000
BUSN 6339International Business in a Semiglobalized World00000
BUSN 6363Social Impact of Business00000
BUSN 6368Immigrant Contributions to the U00000
BUSN 6333Lean Business Model Design For New Ventures00000
BUSN 6266Negotiations: Developing Your Negotiation Skills00000
BUSN 6318The Team Clinic00000
BUSN 3201Damore-Mckim School Of Business Global Leadership00000
BUSN 5963Marketing for Non-Marketers00000
BUSN 6334Social Media Marketing: Principles And Strategies00000
BUSN 1100Introduction to Planning for Business Co-op and Careers00000
BUSN 6315How Credit And Liquidity Precipitate A Financial Crisis00000