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Professor Masoud Rouientan Reviews


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5Amazing Prof

Prof: Masoud Rouientan / Fall 2021

May 5, 2022

Comments on the course

Personally at an honors level, it made General Chemistry harder than usual but it is doable if you prioritize your time well. I would say that the labs were harder than the lecture as you had to type it all out on a computer, and some professors can be really picky with how the lab reports appears. Exams are alright, accounting for 36% of the whole course as labs take a huge chunk as well. This course challenges you to be good at both labs and lecture materials to gain that coveted A if you wish. Redbull is going to be your new friend with a lot of material to learn and ace in a semester.

Course Content

General Chemistry 2 Materials - Kinetics, Acid and Bases, Solubility, Thermochemistry and all. It is useful to learn for STEM majors as I feel that it is composed of a lot of physics materials so it is best to brush on General Chemistry 1 well before you take this course.

Comments on the professor

Best! I was a biochemistry major initially but had very little interest in Biology. Prof Masoud helped me to be more independent in my learning while also making me gain a loving interest in Chemistry. He is from UCLA and is really smart and nice. He has a charismatic attitude that makes students really interested to go to class. I would arrive to class 1 hour before it starts at 7am as that was how much I really loved his class. In my years as a student, he is probs the best lecturer I had.


That labs are more significant than expected. As usual, I thought that written exams, quizzes and lecture materials are the major portion that would decide my fate, yet I was shocked to realize how much portion the labs contain. Please do not slack on your labs as the they can make or break you.

Course: CHEM 51HDelivery: In personGrade: AWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: Optional
Exam HeavyAssignment Heavy