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Mt. Sac Course Reviews

Mt. San Antonio College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 1General Biology53541
MATH 180Calculus & Analytic Geom53451
CHEM 51HGen Chemistry II Honors52551
BSHS PHSCHS Physical Science00000
BIOL 20Marine Biology00000
AMLA 41WAmerican Language Basic Writing00000
AGPE 73Tropical & Coldwater Fish00000
BUSA 68Business Mathematics00000
ANIM 167Visual Development00000
BUSS 33Advertising and Promotion00000
ARCH 121Digital Design Media I00000
ASTR 5HIntro to Astronomy-Honors00000
AIRM 98BAircraft Pwrplnt Lube Sys00000
BS ABE01Career Information and Guidance00000
AGOR 24Integrated Pest Mgt00000
BSHS SPN2HS Spanish 200000
ANIM 101CFigure Gesture Expressive00000
BUSM 60Human Relations in Bus00000
AERO 200Aviation Safety/Human Fac00000
CHLD 87Infant Toddler Field Work00000
AHIS 9History Asian Art & Arch00000
AGAG 59Work Exp in Agriculture00000
ARCH 221Arch Render & Illustrat00000
AIRC 11Welding for AC & Refrig00000
ARTC 140Vector Design & Illustra00000
ARTC 272Motion Graphics00000
ARTS 41ASculpture: Life00000
AIRM 93BAir Comm, Nav & Autopilot00000
BIOL 4HBiology for Majors-Honors00000
AGLI 20Horse Behavior/Training00000
BS LRN76Improving Reading Comprehensio00000
AMLA 21SAccent Reduction00000
BS HSERLHSE Prep: Lang Arts00000
ADJU 90Work Experience in Administration of Justice00000
BSHS SPN1HS Spanish 100000
ANAT 10BIntro Human Physiology00000
BTNY 3Plant Structure&Diversity00000
AGOR 63Irrigation Systems Mgmt00000
BUSC 1APrin of Econ-Macroecon00000
ANIM 122Intro to VR00000
BUSR 50Real Estate Principles00000
AD 9Family Counseling00000
CHLD 71AAdmin Chld Dev Programs00000
ANTH 5Cultural Anthropology00000
CISB 15Microcomputer Application00000
AERO 252Instrument Ground School00000
ARCH 146Arch Working Drawings00000
AHIS 12Hist Precolmbn Art Arch00000
ARCH 280Structural Design Level I00000
AD 15BAddictions Law and Ethics00000
ARTC 167Visual Development00000
AIRC 30Heat Load Calc. & Design00000
AGHE 60Med Nurs & Animal Care00000
ARTD 16Drawing: Perspective00000
AIRC 65Bldg Automtn Ntwrk & Prog00000
ARTD 21Color and Composition00000
ARTD 25BBeginning Painting II00000
ARTS 33Ceramics: Hand Construct00000
AIRM 91AAirframe Aluminum Repair00000
ARTS 98Life Sculpture Studies00000
AGLI 14Swine Production00000
ASTR 99Spec Proj in Astronomy00000
AIRM 96BAircraft Propellers00000
BIOL 8Cell & Molecular Biology00000
ADJU 20Princ of Investigation00000
BS ABE04Guidance/Orientation-Spec00000
AIRT 203Enroute Air Traffic Contr00000
BS MPSMath Prep for Stats00000
AGOR 1Horticultural Science00000
BS STD80Foundations for Academic Succe00000
AMLA 24Idiomatic English00000
BS GEDWRGED Prep:Lang Arts, Write00000
AD 4Issues/Domestic Violence00000
BSHS ENG3HS English 300000
AMLA 82AmLa Interpersonal Comm00000
BSHS ENG4BSHS English 400000
AGOR 40Sports Turf Management00000
BSHS INMA3HS Integrated Math 300000
ANAT 40AHuman Prosection00000
BUSA 52Intermed Accounting I00000
AERO 104Federal Aviation Regs00000
BUSA 76Excel for Accounting00000
ANIM 110Animal Drawing00000
BUSM 10Prin of Cont Qual Imprvmt00000
AGOR 75Urban Arboriculture00000
BUSM 85Special Issues in Bus00000
ANIM 137ADigital Media Work Exp00000
BUSR 59Real Estate Prop Mgmt00000
ACCS ILCSInd Living Consumer00000
CHLD 64Health,Safety&Nutrition00000
ANTH 1LBiological Anthro Lab00000
CHLD 80Curriculum Special Needs00000
AHIS 3HHistWomn/GndrArt Hon00000
AIRM 66AAirframe Structures00000
ARTD 43AIntro to Printmaking00000
ARTD 48ALetterpress Book Arts00000
ANTH 99Spec Proj Anthropology00000
ACCS ILHFSInd Liv Health/Fitness00000
ACCS 33Math Strategies00000
ADJU 4Legal Aspects of Evidence00000