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Professor Nickolas Wergeles Reviews


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Prof: Nickolas Wergeles / Fall 2021

Oct 13, 2021

Comments on the course

Has enough work that it doesn't feel like a 2000 level course - is on par with my 4000 level courses.

Course Content

Learned HTML, CSS, and JS so far. Should be starting on AWS stuff soon, I think. It's useful if you want to know how to do front-end development. Honestly, it'd probably be less time consuming to self-study and ask questions on stackoverflow or something. [professor has changed midway through the semester, but this is for wergeles] Lecture playlists would be posted for each week. Sometimes there'd be 3/week, and while each video in it is usually under 5 minutes, that adds up - lectures take ~1-2 hours per playlist, and there were up to 3/week, on top of the amount of time it'd take to do a challenge. I probably spent a good 20-24hrs/week on this class when I was watching the lectures and doing the readings.

Comments on the professor

Professor used class time to answer questions about the 'challenge' assignment for the week; there were a lot because instructions were unclear a lot. He also started every video - every video, not just a playlist - with "what's up, professor wergeles here" and. maybe it's nitpicky, but I stopped watching them because of that.


If you're looking for an easy 2000 level CS/IT class, go elsewhere. [that being said, the class is supposed to be restructured soon]

Course: CMPSC 2830Delivery: OnlineGrade: Not sure yetWorkload: Very HeavyTextbook Use: No
Assignment Heavy