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Mizzou Course Reviews

University of Missouri

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CMPSC 1050Algorithm Design and Programming I22122
PHYSCS 4800Introduction to Quantum Mechanics I41441
JOURN 1100Principles of Journalism in Democracy44331
PLNTSCI 2075Environmental Horticulture43451
PSYCH 2810Human Sexuality55531
MATH 2300Calculus III43551
ACCTCY 8456Corporate Governance44441
GERMAN 1200Elementary German II43451
PLNTSCI 2220Introduction to Floral Design55541
ENGLSH 1700Introduction to Folklore Genres55531
CMPSC 2830Web Application Development I21331
ECONOM 1000General Economics for Journalists43351
CHEM 1330College Chemistry II43441
FRENCH 1100Elementary French I21321
AGEDLD 7240Leading Organizational and Community Change00000
ACCTCY 9457Quantitative Methods in Accounting00000
AGEDLD 8330Advanced Methods of Teaching00000
AGSCCOM 2220HVerbal Communication in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resour...00000
ABM 4240Microeconomics Theory and Applications00000
AFNR 4993Internship in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources00000
AGSM 7020Agricultural Safety and Health00000
AGSM 8085Problems in Agricultural Systems Management00000
AGEC 3230Agricultural and Rural Economic Policy00000
AGSTCH 4040Fire Protection and Prevention00000
AGSTCH 4940Agricultural Systems Technology Internship00000
ABM 1230Introduction to the Agricultural Policy Process00000
ACCTCY 2036Accounting I00000
AGEC 4240Microeconomics Theory and Applications00000
AMS 1105Undergraduate Topics in Ancient Mediterranean Studies - Huma...00000
AGEDLD 4321Field Experience I00000
ACCTCY 8448Emerging Issues in Accounting Information Systems00000
AGEDLD 7350Inservice Course in Agricultural Education and Leadership00000
ABM 3285Problems in Agribusiness Management00000
AGEDLD 8995College Teaching Practicum00000
AFNR 2191International Agriculture and Natural Resources - Humanities00000
AGSM 2340Pesticide Application Equipment00000
AAE 9265Food, Agricultural and Rural Policy00000
AGSM 7365Machinery Management Using Precision Agriculture Technology00000
AGEC 2050For the Love of Food: Global Food System Debate00000
AGSTCH 2345Chemical Application Systems00000
ABM 4972Agri-Food Business and Cooperative Management00000
AGSTCH 4330Principles for Food Processing00000
AGEC 3282Agribusiness Finance00000
AGSTCH 7360Precision Agriculture Science and Technology00000
AAE 8090Masters Thesis Research in Agricultural and Applied Economic...00000
AMS 2300HAncient Authors: The Greeks - Honors00000
AGEC 4971WAgribusiness Management Strategy - Writing Intensive00000
AMS 2600Media and Communication in Ancient Greece and Rome00000
AMS 2950Archaeological Methods00000
ABM 2123Quantitative Applications in Agricultural and Natural Resour...00000
ACCTCY 3328Accounting Information Systems00000
AGEC 7295Agricultural Risk Management00000
AGEC 7962Planning the Farm Business00000
ACCTCY 4000Accountancy Professional Speakers and Symposia00000
AGEC 7972Agri-Food Business and Cooperative Management00000
AGEC 7990Economic Analysis of Policy and Regulation00000
AAE 8510Research Methods and Design00000
ABM 2225Statistical Analysis00000
ACCTCY 4384Auditing Theory and Practice I00000
AGEC 8085Masters Problems in Agricultural Economics00000
AGEDLD 4240Leading Organizational and Community Change00000
ACCTCY 8437Strategic Cost Analysis00000
AGEDLD 4993Internship in Agricultural Education and Leadership00000
ABM 3271International Agricultural Development00000
AGEDLD 7320Methods of Teaching I00000
AGEDLD 8087Seminar in Agricultural Education and Leadership00000
AAE 9090Doctoral Dissertation Research in Agricultural and Applied E...00000
AGEDLD 8410Philosophical Foundations of Agricultural Education and Lead...00000
AFNR 1115Foundations for College Success00000
AGSCCOM 1160Foundations of Agricultural Science Communications00000
ABM 3370Transportation in the Global Supply Chain00000
AGSCCOM 3385Problems in Science and Agricultural Journalism00000
AFNR 3215Community Food Systems00000
AGSM 4020Agricultural Safety and Health00000
AAE 7990Economic Analysis of Policy and Regulation00000
AGSM 7320Agricultural Equipment and Machinery00000
AGEC 1042Applied Macroeconomics00000
AGSM 7390Optimization and Management of Food and Agriculture Systems00000
ABM 4301HTopics in Agribusiness Management - Honors00000
AGSM 9090Thesis Research in Agricultural Systems Management00000
AGEC 2223Agricultural Sales00000
AGSTCH 4020Agricultural Safety and Health00000
ABM 1041Applied Microeconomics00000
AGSTCH 4150Biorenewable Systems Technology00000
AGEC 3260General Farm Management00000
AGSTCH 4366Data Management and Analysis Using Precision Agriculture Tec...00000
ABM 4990HWEconomic Analysis of Policy and Regulation - Honors/Writing...00000
AGSTCH 7140Electricity: Wiring and Equipment00000
AGEC 3286Economics of Managerial Decision Making00000
AMS 1050Greek and Latin in English00000
AAE 7295Agricultural Risk Management00000
AMS 2100The Ancient Greeks00000
AGEC 4301Topics in Agricultural Economics00000
AMS 2450The World of Pompeii00000
ACCTCY 2137HHonors Accounting II00000
AGEC 8450Masters Non Thesis Research00000
ACCTCY 7353Introduction to Taxation00000
AGEC 9040Advanced Microeconomics Theory and Applications I00000
AGEC 9090Doctoral Dissertation Research in Agricultural Economics00000
ABM 3224WNew Products Marketing - Writing Intensive00000