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Mizzou Course Reviews

University of Missouri

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HLTHSCI 2400Contemporary Health Issues544.542
CMPSC 1050Algorithm Design and Programming I22122
CHEM 1330College Chemistry II32.53.53.52
TAM 2200Science of Textiles12111
STAT 4750Introduction to Probability Theory31351
NEP 3450Activity Throughout the Lifespan45321
PSYCH 2810Human Sexuality55531
ACCTCY 8456Corporate Governance44441
PHYSCS 1210College Physics I13111
PLNTSCI 2220Introduction to Floral Design55541
ECONOM 1000General Economics for Journalists43351
MATH 1500Analytic Geometry and Calculus I44451
PSYCH 1000General Psychology55551
PSYCH 2210Mind, Brain, and Behavior54551
GERMAN 1200Elementary German II43451
AMS 1060Classical Mythology45311
LINGST 1060Human Language54551
ENGLSH 1700Introduction to Folklore Genres55531
PHYSCS 4800Introduction to Quantum Mechanics I41441
NEP 2380Diet Therapy for Health Professionals54451
NEP 3850WPhysiology of Exercise - Writing Intensive42551
NEP 2140Exercise Practicum I45331
PSYCH 4580Externalizing Spectrum Disorders43431
SOCIOL 1000Introduction to Sociology35211
JOURN 1100Principles of Journalism in Democracy44331
COMMUN 3580Crisis Communication54551
PLNTSCI 2075Environmental Horticulture43451
MATH 2300Calculus III43551
FS 1020World Food and You24111
ENGLSH 2030Professional Writing13211
NEP 1034Introduction to Human Nutrition53351
FRENCH 1100Elementary French I21321
CMPSC 2830Web Application Development I21331
AMS 1060WClassical Mythology - Writing Intensive00000
AGEC 7971Agribusiness Management Strategy00000
AMS 2300Ancient Authors: The Greeks00000
AMS 2700Black Dionysus: Greek Drama in Africa and the African Diaspo...00000
ACCTCY 8419International Accounting00000
AGEC 9085Doctoral Problems in Agricultural Economics00000
AMS 3005Topics in Ancient Mediterranean Studies - Humanities00000
AMS 3450Greek and Roman Characters and Ideals00000
AGEDLD 2270Leadership Development in Youth Organizations00000
AMS 4005Topics in Classical Humanities00000
AMS 4420Minor Arts of Antiquity00000
ABM 3224New Products Marketing00000
ACCTCY 8450Accounting and Strategic Business Analysis00000
AGEDLD 4320Methods of Teaching I00000
AMS 4996HHonors Proseminar I00000
AMS 7520Art and Archaeology of Early Medieval Europe00000
AGEDLD 7320Methods of Teaching I00000
AMS 8490Seminar in Late Antique Art and Archaeology00000
ANSCI 1012Introduction to Captive Wild Animal Management00000
ACCTCY 9467Seminar in Behavioral Accounting Research00000
AGEDLD 8250Leadership Theory and Application00000
ANSCI 2085Problems in Animal Science00000
ANSCI 2195Equine Facility Management and Marketing00000
AGEDLD 9090Doctoral Research in Agricultural Education and Leadership00000
ANSCI 3213Genetics of Agricultural Plants and Animals00000
AGSTCH 7366Data Management and Analysis Using Precision Agriculture Tec...00000
AGEC 7240Microeconomics Theory and Applications00000
AMS 2005Topics in Ancient Mediterranean Studies - Humanities00000
ACCTCY 7940Professional Accounting Internship00000
AMS 2450HThe World of Pompeii - Honors00000
AGEC 8085Masters Problems in Agricultural Economics00000
AMS 3000WForeigners and Dangerous Women in Greek and Latin Literature...00000
ABM 1230HIntroduction to the Agricultural Policy Process - Honors00000
AMS 3250WGreek and Roman Epic - Writing Intensive00000
AGEDLD 1000Orientation to Agricultural Education and Leadership00000
AMS 3750Classics in a Cross-Cultural Context00000
ACCTCY 8428Data Visualization and Data Mining00000
AMS 4350Greek Pottery00000
AGEDLD 3320Metal Fabrication and Laboratory Management00000
AMS 4600The Classical Tradition00000
AAE 8265Agricultural and Food Policy00000
AMS 7350Greek Pottery00000
AGEDLD 4993Internship in Agricultural Education and Leadership00000
AMS 8085Directed Readings in Ancient Mediterranean Studies00000
ACCTCY 9401Doctoral Research Problems in Accounting00000
ANESTH 6205ABS Anesthesiology Research and Review00000
AGEDLD 7350Inservice Course in Agricultural Education and Leadership00000
ANSCI 1175Biology of Animal Production II with Lab00000
ABM 3241WEthical Issues in Agriculture - Writing Intensive00000
ANSCI 2116Animal Welfare Evaluation00000
AGEDLD 8410Philosophical Foundations of Agricultural Education and Lead...00000
ANSCI 3085Problems in Animal Science00000
AERO 3100Leading People and Effective Communication00000
ANSCI 3275Meat Animal Evaluation00000
AGSCCOM 2210Communicating Science to the Public00000
ANSCI 4012Elements of Experimental Surgery00000
ANSCI 4323Applied Livestock Genetics00000
AAE 7301Topics in Agricultural and Applied Economics00000
AAE 8520Economics of Transaction and Contracting00000
ABM 3283Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship00000
AFNR 2150Agricultural Travel Course00000
AGSCCOM 2940Internships in Science and Agricultural Journalism00000
ANSCI 4385Reproductive Management Laboratory00000
ANSCI 4910Senior Seminar in Captive Wild Animal Management00000
AGSCCOM 4940Internships in Science and Agricultural Journalism00000
ANSCI 4975WBeef Production and Management - Writing Intensive00000
ANSCI 4978Swine Production00000