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Professor Qi Han Reviews


Class Ratings

2Bad Class
1Very Hard

Professor Rating

4Good Prof

Prof: Qi Han / Spring 2022

Mar 23, 2022

Comments on the course

This class genuinely sucks. It is useless to most people in CS who aren't gonna be working in hardware. It scares many who are away from it. The assignments are extreme with weekly quizzes on a stupidly unclear textbook and intense worksheets and assignments. Yet unfortunately this class is essential to the science part of computer science.

Course Content

The class starts off with a review of binary/hex/decimal logic and conversions. You then learn how C is compiled by the computer into assembly language instructions and how to work with assembly yourself. You then learn how it is assembled into binary machine code and how to do that yourself. The second half of the class is learning how the processor works and how specific instructions trigger the processor. I can't speak too much on the second half, I had to drop this class or else I wouldn't meet my scholarship GPA requirement.

Comments on the professor

Qi Han is a really nice professor who genuinely cares about her students. She talks a little fast sometimes, but explains the material thoroughly to someone who asks until they understand it best. She is passionate about the class and takes feedback seriously.


Be prepared for an assignment frenzy with this class, even if you're only taking 12 or 14 credits.

Course: CSCI 341Delivery: In personGrade: Drop/WithdrawalWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: Yes
Quiz HeavyAssignment HeavyProject HeavyExam Heavy