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Mines Course Reviews

Colorado School of Mines

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSCI 101Introduction to Computer Science1.
CSCI 341Computer Organization323.71.33
EENG 284Digital Logic32.73.73.73
MATH 225Differential Equations32.72.34.33
GEGN 101Earth and Environmental Systems5453.52
HASS 307Explorations in Comparative Literature43321
CEEN 423Surveying For Engineers And Infrastructure Design Practices53551
MATH 301Introduction to Analysis21321
MEGN 361Thermodynamics I53441
EENG 281Introduction to Electrical Circuits, Electronics and Power33231
CSCI 395Industry Exploration II55541
CHGN 341Inorganic Chemistry I53551
CEEN 412Unsaturated Soil Mechanics44441
PEGN 282Professional Skills 125121
CEEN 581Watershed Systems Modeling53551
CEEN 241Statics43451
HASS 432Robot Ethics23121
HASS 324Audio/Acoustical Engineering And Science54441
CSCI 441Computer Graphics21321
EENG 307Introduction to Feedback Control Systems12111
EENG 282Electrical Circuits32341
EDNS 157Solidworks Basics (For Certification)44351
MLGN 502Solid State Physics51541
HASS 416Film Studies55441
HASS 200Global Studies45411
CSCI 298AIndustry Exploration55551
CEEN 445Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures41451
MEGN 212Introduction to Solid Mechanics44351
MATH 307Introduction to Scientific Computing53441
CSCI 598CBioinformatics00000
CEEN 479Air Pollution00000
CSM 298ASpecial Topics--00000
DSCI 560Introduction to Key Statistical Learning Methods I00000
CBEN 460Biochemical Process Engineering00000
CEEN 556Mining And The Environment00000
EBGN 320Economics and Technology00000
EBGN 409Mathematical Economics00000
CEEN 576Pollution Prevention: Fundamentals And Practice00000
EBGN 510Natural Resource Economics00000
EBGN 540Accounting And Finance00000
CBEN 325Mcat Review00000
CBEN 498DFunctional Porous Matls00000
CEEN 595Analysis Of Environmental Impact00000
EBGN 566Technology Entrepreneurship00000
EBGN 577Leading & Managing High Performing Teams00000
CHGC 555Environmental Organic Chemistry00000
EBGN 611Advanced Microeconomics00000
EDNS 200Communication00000
CBEN 568Introduction To Chemical Engineering Research And Teaching00000
CHGN 224Organic Chemistry II Laboratory00000
EDNS 398AA Study Of The Brooklyn Bridge00000
EDNS 580Humanitarian Engineering and Science Capstone Practicum00000
CHGN 351Physical Chemistry: a Molecular Perspective I00000
EENG 475Interconnection of Renewable Energy, Integrated Power Electr...00000
EENG 512Computer Vision00000
BIOL 598CQbe Seminar00000
CBEN 398ABioenergy Technologies00000
CBEN 625Molecular Simulation00000
CHGN 428Biochemistry00000
EENG 529Active Rf & Microwave Devices00000
CSCI 585Information Security Privacy00000
CEEN 473Hydraulic Problems00000
CSM 192Engineering Grand Challenges: Solving Big Problems II00000
CBEN 432Transport Phenomena In Biological Systems00000
CSM 999Csm Misc Courses00000
CEEN 498BDurability of Concrete00000
EBGN 302Intermediate Macroeconomics00000
CBEN 320Cell Biology And Physiology00000
EBGN 340Energy And Environmental Policy00000
CEEN 571Advanced Water Treatment Engineering and Water Reuse00000
EBGN 437Regional Economics00000
CBEN 472Introduction To Energy Technologies00000
EBGN 528Industrial Systems Simulation00000
CEEN 584Subsurface Contaminant Transport00000
EBGN 559Supply Chain Management00000
BIOL 498BSolving Engr Prob W Synth Bio00000
EBGN 571Marketing Analytics00000
CEEN 611Multiphase Contaminant Transport00000
EBGN 598BBusiness Law, Contracts & Nego00000
CBEN 519Advanced Topics in Heterogeneous Catalysis00000
EDNS 155Design I: Graphics00000
CHGN 198Sp Tps: Energetics Chem I00000
EDNS 291Integrative Design Studio IIa00000
CBEN 358Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Laboratory00000
EDNS 478Engineering and Social Justice00000
CHGN 335Instrumental Analysis00000
EENG 425Introduction to Antennas00000
CBEN 598ASp Tps: Science and Technology of Solar Cells00000
EENG 498BSp Tps: Advanced Electical Machine Dynamics For Smart-Grid S...00000
CHGN 401Inorganic Chemistry II00000
EENG 525Antennas00000
AMFG 401Additive Manufacturing00000
EENG 570Advanced High Power Electronics00000
CHGN 462Microbiology00000
EENG 582High Voltage Ac And Dc Power Transmission00000
EENG 598BNumerical Optimization00000
CEEN 210Introduction To Civil Infrastructure00000
CHGN 503Adv Physical Chemistry I00000
EENG 598CEngy Sys Dynamics & Stability00000
EENG 707Graduate Thesis / Dissertation Research Credit00000