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Mines Course Reviews

Colorado School of Mines

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSCI 101Introduction to Computer Science1.
EENG 284Digital Logic32.73.73.73
MATH 225Differential Equations32.72.34.33
CSCI 341Computer Organization323.71.33
GEGN 101Earth and Environmental Systems5453.52
HASS 432Robot Ethics23121
MEGN 212Introduction to Solid Mechanics44351
CEEN 423Surveying For Engineers And Infrastructure Design Practices53551
PEGN 282Professional Skills 125121
EDNS 157Solidworks Basics (For Certification)44351
EENG 281Introduction to Electrical Circuits, Electronics and Power33231
EENG 282Electrical Circuits32341
CEEN 445Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures41451
CEEN 412Unsaturated Soil Mechanics44441
HASS 307Explorations in Comparative Literature43321
MATH 301Introduction to Analysis21321
MEGN 361Thermodynamics I53441
MLGN 502Solid State Physics51541
CEEN 241Statics43451
HASS 416Film Studies55441
HASS 200Global Studies45411
CHGN 341Inorganic Chemistry I53551
CSCI 441Computer Graphics21321
MATH 307Introduction to Scientific Computing53441
HASS 324Audio/Acoustical Engineering And Science54441
CSCI 395Industry Exploration II55541
EENG 307Introduction to Feedback Control Systems12111
CSCI 298AIndustry Exploration55551
CEEN 581Watershed Systems Modeling53551
CEEN 311Mechanics of Materials00000
CBEN 403Process Dynamics and Control00000
CEEN 314Structural Theory00000
CEEN 381Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering00000
CBEN 198AStudio Biology II00000
CBEN 412Introduction To Pharmacology00000
CEEN 406Finite Element Methods for Engineers00000
CEEN 415Foundation Engineering00000
CBEN 418Kinetics And Reaction Engineering00000
CEEN 425Cementitious Materials For Construction00000
CEEN 441Introduction To The Seismic Design Of Structures00000
AMFG 523Design and Analysis of Experiments00000
CBEN 210Intro to Thermodynamics00000
CBEN 430Transport Phenomena00000
CEEN 446Structural Loads00000
CEEN 471Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems Analysis and Design00000
CBEN 450Honors Undergraduate Research00000
CEEN 473Hydraulic Problems00000
CEEN 475Site Remediation Engineering00000
CBEN 310Introduction to Biomedical Engineering00000
CBEN 469Fuel Cell Science And Technology00000
CEEN 477Sustainable Engineering Design00000
CEEN 492Environmental Law00000
CEEN 501Life Cycle Assessment00000
CEEN 511Unsaturated Soil Mechanics00000
AMFG 401Additive Manufacturing00000
BIOL 110Fundamentals Of Biology I00000
CBEN 320Cell Biology And Physiology00000
CBEN 504Advanced Process Engineering Economics00000
CEEN 515Hillslope Hydrology And Stability00000
CEEN 303Environmental Engineering Laboratory00000
CBEN 398EMcat Preparation00000
CEEN 312LSoil Mechanics Laboratory00000
CBEN 110Fundamentals of Biology I00000
CEEN 350Civil and Construction Engineering Materials00000
CBEN 409Petroleum Processes00000
CEEN 401Life Cycle Assessment00000
AMFG 521Design for Additive Manufacturing00000
CEEN 411Soil Dynamics00000
CBEN 414Chemical Process Safety00000
CEEN 421Highway And Traffic Engineering00000
CBEN 201Material and Energy Balances00000
CEEN 433Matrix Structural Analysis00000
CBEN 422Chemical Engineering Flow Assurance00000
CEEN 443Design of Steel Structures00000
AFGN 401National Security, Leadership Responsibilities, Commissionin...00000
CEEN 461Fundamentals Of Ecology00000
CBEN 432Transport Phenomena In Biological Systems00000
CEEN 472Onsite Water Reclamation And Reuse00000
CBEN 307Fluid Mechanics00000
CEEN 474Solid Waste Minimization And Recycling00000
CBEN 460Biochemical Process Engineering00000
CEEN 476Pollution Prevention: Fundamentals And Practice00000
AMFG 598ASp Tps: Design And Analysis Of Experiments00000
CEEN 480Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment00000
CBEN 472Introduction To Energy Technologies00000
CEEN 498ASp Tps: Prestressed00000
CBEN 314Chemical Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer00000
CEEN 506Finite Element Methods for Engineers00000
CBEN 498BBiology Capstone: Neuroscience00000
CEEN 513Advanced Geomaterial Mechanics00000
AFGN 201Team And Leadership Fundamenta00000
CEEN 520Earth Retaining Structures / Support Of Excavations00000
CBEN 506Advanced Functional Porous Materials00000
CEEN 525Cementitious Materials For Construction00000
CEEN 531Structural Dynamics00000
CBEN 322Biological Psychology00000
CBEN 509Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics00000
CEEN 540Advanced Design Of Steel Structures00000
CEEN 542Timber and Masonry Design00000