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Miami Course Reviews

Miami University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
THE 111BIntro to Ballroom Dance - FLW4.
ENG 219Introduction to Linguistics34431
BIO 115Biolog Concepts: Ecol Evol Gen32331
ENG 221Shakespeare And Film54541
CSE 278Systems I31241
GLG 301Sedimentology And Stratigraphy43341
CMR 108Introduction To Business Law55551
HST 333Reconstruction:Europe Snc 194553431
THE 111AIntro to Ballroom Dance - Lead55551
IMS 390Special Topics in IMS53551
MUS 101Theory of Music I55551
CPB 582Process Control13111
STA 261Statistics34351
MTH 222Introduction To Linear Algebra43451
GLG 121Environmental Geology35351
ENG 273English Lit 1660-190033441
CHM 144College Chemistry Laboratory22331
ACC 221Intro To Financial Accounting33221
ARB 302Advanced Arabic00000
AES 331Leading People/Effective Comms00000
ARC 113Graphic Media I00000
ARC 203HInterior Design Studio00000
ACC 568Government and NFP Accounting00000
AMS 205HIntro to American Studies00000
ARC 221HHistory of Architecture I00000
ARC 303Interior Design Studio00000
ARB 201Intermediate Modern Arabic00000
AES 221Team & Leadership Fundamentals00000
ARC 103Shop Methods and Materials00000
ACC 495Accounting Analysis00000
ARC 201Architecture Studio00000
AES 431National Security Studies00000
ARC 211Intro:Landscape & Urban Design00000
ACC 321Intermed Financial Accounting00000
ARC 225Design and Behavior00000
AMS 207HAmerica - A Global Context-Hon00000
ACC 628Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ARC 399CCommunity Placement00000
AMS 241Religions Of American Peoples00000
ARC 402Architecture Studio00000
ARC 404CArchitectures of Modernity00000
AMS 285Intro to African American Mus00000
ARC 404DWatercolor00000
ARC 404XBuilding Doc in Revit00000
AAA 334Transnational Youth Cultures00000
ACC 361Modeling Bus Proc in AIS00000
ACC 653Assurance Services00000
AMS 304History, Memory, Tradition00000
ARC 405QHousing Case Studies00000
ARC 406DPassive and Low Energy Design00000
AMS 310Special Topics Amer Studies00000
ARC 411Structures I00000
ARC 412Structures II00000
ACC 422Financial Accounting Research00000
ACE 111Acad Culture International00000
AMS 341Protestantism & Dev/Amer Cultr00000
AMS 352Geographies of Urban Change00000
ARB 101Elementary Arabic I00000
AES 210Leadership Laboratory00000
ARB 230Arabic Lit. in Translation00000
ACC 490GMergers & Acquisitions00000
ARC 101Beginning Design Studio00000
AES 310Leadership Laboratory00000
ARC 107Global Design00000
ACC 222Intro To Managerial Accounting00000
ARC 188LIdeas In Architecture00000
AES 410Leadership Laboratory00000
ARC 202HArchitecture Studio00000
ACC 545Corp & Flow Through Entity Tax00000
ARC 204HInterior Design Studio00000
AMS 135U'sting Jazz: Its Hist& Contxt00000
ARC 213Graphic Media III00000
AAA 249Asian & Asian American Cinema00000
ARC 222HHistory of Architecture II00000
AMS 206Approaches to American Culture00000
ARC 301Architecture Studio00000
ACC 611Accounting for Managers00000
ARC 309Furniture Design & Constructn00000
AMS 216Introduction to Public History00000
ARC 401LArchitecture Studio00000
ACC 340Internship00000
ARC 403Interior Design Studio00000
AMS 248Asian American Literature00000
ARC 404AAdvance Graphics00000
ACC 646Taxes and Business Decisions00000
ARC 404FPortfolio00000
AMS 302Immigrant America00000
ARC 405SGeometry And Architecture00000
AAA 207Asia and Globalization00000
ARC 405ZDesigning for Social Change00000
AMS 310YNative Amer & Indigenous Stud00000
ARC 408Interior Design Studio00000
ACC 695Integrative Acc Capstone00000
ACE 113Reading Writing Acad Contexts00000
AMS 362Era of the American Revolution00000
AMS 367United States In The 1960's00000
AAA 351HGender & Sexuality in Asian/Am00000
ACC 452Internal Auditing00000
ACE 310NCritical Reading & Discussion00000
AMS 382Women In American History00000