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Miami Course Reviews

Miami University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
THE 111BIntro to Ballroom Dance - FLW4.
HST 333Reconstruction:Europe Snc 194553431
GLG 121Environmental Geology35351
CPB 582Process Control13111
CMR 108Introduction To Business Law55551
IMS 390Special Topics in IMS53551
BIO 115Biolog Concepts: Ecol Evol Gen32331
STA 261Statistics34351
MUS 101Theory of Music I55551
CSE 278Systems I31241
THE 111AIntro to Ballroom Dance - Lead55551
ACC 221Intro To Financial Accounting33221
ENG 221Shakespeare And Film54541
MTH 222Introduction To Linear Algebra43451
ENG 273English Lit 1660-190033441
ENG 219Introduction to Linguistics34431
GLG 301Sedimentology And Stratigraphy43341
CHM 144College Chemistry Laboratory22331
ART 472Sculpture V00000
ARC 417Architectural Materials00000
ART 520DArt and its Markets00000
ART 622Experience Design Methods00000
AMS 397American Environmental History00000
ARC 505CSem On Typology And Regionalsm00000
ATH 175HPeoples Of The World00000
ATH 308South Asia: Anthro Perspect.00000
ART 442Printmaking V00000
ARC 405KModern Vernacular00000
ART 495Art Education Practicum00000
AMS 348Ethnic American Literature00000
ART 587Art Of The Early 20th Century00000
ARC 504HDigital Design & Fabrication00000
ART 657Graduate Study in Photography00000
ACE 212Adv Comm Strategies II00000
ATH 219Introduction to Linguistics00000
ARC 526Architecture And Society00000
APC 401Applied Communication Capstone00000
ATH 361Language and Power00000
ARC 614Graphic Media III00000
ATH 390GBusiness Anthropology00000
ATH 448Global Health00000
ART 106Introduction to Figure Drawing00000
BIO 115HBiolog Concepts: Ecol Evol Gen00000
BIO 157Nature for Non-Biologists00000
ACC 461Acc For Business Combination00000
AES 211Leadership Laboratory00000
ARC 102Beginning Design Studio00000
ART 147Beginning Art Photography00000
BIO 203HIntro to Cell Biology00000
BIO 232Human Heredity00000
ART 183HImages of America00000
BIO 465WAnimal Behavior00000
BIO 467WConservation Biology00000
AES 331Leading People/Effective Comms00000
ARC 201HArchitecture Studio00000
ART 2153D Digital Sculpting00000
ART 233Global Perspectives on Dress00000
ART 420GPublic Art00000
ARC 405CSem On Typology And Regionalsm00000
ART 457Photography IV00000
AMS 310BHuman Rights in Native Am Lit00000
ART 487Art Of The Early 20th Century00000
ARC 411Structures I00000
ART 499OCreating Monotype and Lino00000
ACC 655Control of Acctg &Reportg Risk00000
ART 561Ceramics IV00000
ARC 427The American City Since 194000000
ART 599Watercolor Landscape Tech00000
AMS 363Early Amer Republic,1783-181500000
ART 630Graduate Study in Painting00000
ARC 505SGeometry And Architecture00000
ASO 201Intro to Social Research00000
ACC 343Federal Income Tax Accounting00000
ATH 190D#Election@SocialMedia00000
ARC 513Environmntl Control Systems I00000
ATH 265Intro to Ling Anth00000
APC 239Theories of Communication00000
ATH 345Global Media/Ethnography/Film00000
ARC 582Architectural Design Studio00000
ATH 390AAnthropology of Pseudoscience00000
ACE 613Advanced Reading and Writing00000
ATH 416Applying Archaeology00000
ARC 702Thesis Design Studio00000
ATH 498Evolution Of Human Behavior00000
ARB 202Intermediate Modern Arabic00000
BIO 128Religion, Science, and Origins00000
ART 130Lasercutting & Digital Design00000
BIO 176Ecology Of North America00000
AAA 211Writing with Purpose00000
BIO 206WEvolutionary Biology00000
ART 160Beginning Ceramics00000
BIO 451WConserv. Educ. & Comm. Engag.00000
ARC 114Graphic Media II00000
ARC 211Intro:Landscape & Urban Design00000
ART 252Image00000
ART 257Photography I00000
ACC 495Accounting Analysis00000
AMS 183Images of America00000
ARC 222HHistory of Architecture II00000
ART 276HIntro to Art Black Diaspora00000