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Professor Olga Skarlato Reviews


Class Ratings

5Amazing Class
5Very Easy
3Kinda Interesting
2Barely Useful

Prof: Olga Skarlato / Fall 2020

Aug 24, 2021

Comments on the course

Weekly tutorials, heavily focused on participation

Course: INDIGST 1A03Grade: A-Textbook Use: No

Class Ratings

3OK Class
3Kinda Useful

Professor Rating

3OK Prof

Prof: Olga Skarlato / Winter 2023

Feb 4, 2023

Comments on the course

This class is super dependent on the professor to make it interesting. I’d recommend it as a bird course but only if you like writing essays.

Course Content

My section was mainly structured around how to write essays in the social sciences, with most of the in class content being lectures recapping the textbook readings. It’s only useful if you’ve like never written an essay before to be honest.

Comments on the professor

Dr. Skarlato is pretty good - while she can be a little dry she at least seems like she cares about doing a good job teaching. She often let class go an hour early because she didn’t feel like wasting our time.


If you hate essays, don’t take this. If you don’t mind them, and you know how to write them, you’re golden - just be prepared to be a little bored.

Course: SOCSCI 1SS3Delivery: In personGrade: Not sure yetWorkload: ModerateTextbook Use: Optional
Attendance HeavyParticipation HeavyEssay Heavy