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Survey of Biological Basis of Psychology

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Prof: Michelle Cadieux / Joe Kim / Fall 2022

Dec 31, 2022

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Interesting course overall.

Course Content

The content was much more biology based, and I found this course to be more useful than 1F03 because you learn a bit of human anatomy and some real-world mental health stuff. The entirety of the course is taught online in ~1 hr/week modules. There are online weekly quizzes, and then a closed book, in person midterm/exam. The quizzes were easy to do very well on since they were open book, but I found the difficulty level was the same for the closed book examinations. Because of that, this course is pretty memorization heavy, but there's not too many small details that would make it super hard to do well.

Comments on the professor

I never actually met either of the profs during this course but I do know they are both super nice and accommodating! Plenty of opportunity for extra credit through PeerWise or SONA that you can take advantage of.


I took psych 1F03 rather than psych 1X03 because I heard the online version was easier, but that's not the case. Sure it is more flexible, but because they're aren't any tutorials or in-person lectures it's harder to absorb the information. It' was also significantly harder to connect with others in the class. If you're in first year I highly recommend the in-person version since it's a much better way to make friends.

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Quiz Heavy

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