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McMaster Course Reviews

McMaster University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSYCH 1X03Introduction to Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour4.
PSYCH 1F03Survey of Psychology4.54.5544
PSYCH 1XX3Foundations of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour53.34.743
PSYCH 3A03Audition22431
PSYCH 3VV3Human Memory31441
PSYCH 1FF3Survey of Biological Basis of Psychology44441
PSYCH 2H03Human Learning and Cognition44441
PSYCH 1NN3Foundations of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour00000
PSYCH 2AP3Abnormal Psychology: Fundamentals and Major Disorders00000
PSYCH 2GG3Learning, Measuring, and Shaping Behaviour00000
PSYCH 3B03Special Populations00000
PSYCH 3C03Child Language Acquisition00000
PSYCH 3EV3Evolution and Mental Health00000
PSYCH 3GG3Essentials of Developmental Psychology00000
PSYCH 3MT3Psychometrics00000
PSYCH 3T03Behavioural Ecology00000
PSYCH 4KK3Bayesian Inference00000
PSYCH 1N03Introduction to Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour00000
PSYCH 2AA3Child Development00000
PSYCH 2E03Sensory Processes00000
PSYCH 2NF3Clinical Neuropsychology00000
PSYCH 3AC3Human Sexuality00000
PSYCH 3BA3Positive Psychology00000
PSYCH 3CB3Attitudes and Persuasion00000
PSYCH 3H03The Arts and The Brain00000
PSYCH 3M03Motivation and Emotion00000
PSYCH 3SP3The Science of Performance00000
PSYCH 3UU3Psychology of Language00000
PSYCH 4BN3Cognitive Neuroscience II00000
PSYCH 2C03Social Psychology00000
PSYCH 2MP3Introduction to Music Cognition00000
PSYCH 3AB3Adolescent Psychology00000
PSYCH 3BN3Cognitive Neuroscience I00000
PSYCH 3CC3Forensic Psychology00000
PSYCH 3F03Evolution and Human Behaviour00000
PSYCH 3JJ3Socio-Emotional Development00000
PSYCH 3SE3Comparative Social Evolution00000
PSYCH 3TT3Science of Teaching and Learning00000
PSYCH 3WA3The Mind as a Work of Art00000
PSYCH 4R03Special Topics in Animal Behaviour00000
PSYCH 2B03Personality00000
PSYCH 3AG3Aging00000
PSYCH 3D03The Multisensory Mind00000
PSYCH 3FA3The Neurobiology of Learning and Memory00000
PSYCH 3NL3Cognitive Neuroscience of Language00000
PSYCH 4MP3Neuroscience of Music00000