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Prof: Susan Gaskin / Winter 2022

May 3, 2022

Comments on the course

A course on the dynamical mechanics of particles and rigid bodies. About the same vibe as CIVE 205. Requires some knowledge of vectors and calculus,

Course Content

Kinematics of Particles: linear + curved + projectile + relative motion, coordinate systems (cartesian, tangential + normal, transverse + radial) Kinetics of Particles: Newton's laws, FBDs Energy & Momentum: Linear + angular momentum, work, potential + kinetic energy, conservation of energy, power, impacts, impulse Systems of Particles: center of mass, momentum, energy, variable mass systems Kinematics of Rigid Bodies: Types of motion (translation, rotation, general plane), relative motion analysis, instantaneous center of rotation, rotating reference frames Plane Motion of Rigid Bodies: Moment of inertia, radius of gyration, friction, rolling, FBD analysis Energy & Momentum of Rigid Bodies: rotation, power, impacts, energy - momentum analysis Energy & Momentum of Rigid Bodies in more

Comments on the professor

Caring and tries her best to help students, but has messy writing and doesn't always explain things clearly.


Material in this class can take a while to fully understand, midterms and exams are difficult though are usually curved but only by a little bit, assignments are usually easier and are taken straight from the textbook (you can find the answers online pretty easily if you get stuck). Go to tutorial.

Course: CIVE 206Delivery: In personGrade: A-Workload: HeavyTextbook Use: Yes
Assignment HeavyExam Heavy