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Prof: Sherif Kamel / Winter 2022

May 5, 2022

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An overview course of the most common materials used in civil engineering. Mostly memorization of facts, some calculations, and some lab work.

Course Content

Sustainable Development: definitions, product life cycle, three Rs. Engineering Material Science: categories of engineering materials, classification, atomic structure + bonding. Crystallography: space lattices, unit cells, Miller Index, atomic packing factor, coordination number, imperfections. Phase Diagrams: phase rule, Gibb's equation, binary phase diagrams. Structure of Materials: structural levels, polymorphism, analysis of service failures. Mechanical Tests: tensile test, solid mechanics review, failure modes, compression tests, flexural testing, limitations, hardness test, fatigue test, creep test. Concrete: ingredients, history, manufacture process, chemical reactions, properties, microstructure, admixtures, workability, slump test, air content, curing, durability, more

Comments on the professor

Overall a nice guy. Likes to chat with students and bring in real life examples and stories. Strict. Explanations a bit hard to understand.


At the end of every tutorial is a quiz that counts of marks so be there. Same study strategy as EPSC 221 (memorization and internalization of key concepts should be fine). Make sure to get along with your lab group as you'll be working with them through the entire semester. Labs can be very hands on so come prepared.

Course: CIVE 202Delivery: In personGrade: AWorkload: ModerateTextbook Use: No
Exam HeavyAssignment HeavyQuiz Heavy