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Prof: Ivan Gonzalez / Fall 2021

Jan 7, 2022

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Follow up on MATH 141 and a bit of MATH 133.

Course Content

Sequences + Series: some review from MATH 141, power series, McLaurin series, Taylor series, convergence properties of Taylor/McLaurin/Power series, Abel's Theorem. Multivariate Functions: simple 3D visualization, contour/level curves, limits + continuity of multivariate functions, partial derivatives + differentiability of multivariate functions, chain rule, Clairaut's Theorem, linearization + tangent planes, optimization (unconstrained, constrained, Lagrangian method), gradient vector, Hessian matrix, Sylvester's property, integrating multivariate functions, integration domain types + change of bounds/domain/order of integration, Fubini's Theorem, area/double integrals, volume/triple integrals, average value of a function. Miscellaneous: 2D polar coordinates, 3D cylindrical and more

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Very nice and patient professor. Always willing to stay after class to answer questions. Responds to emails in a timely manner.


Attend tutorials and do practice problems.

Course: MATH 262Delivery: OnlineGrade: AWorkload: ModerateTextbook Use: Optional
Assignment HeavyExam Heavy