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Professor Guilia Alberini Reviews


Class Ratings

4.3Good Class
5Very Interesting

Prof: Guilia Alberini / Fall 2020

Mar 17, 2021

Comments on the course

I really enjoyed this class last semester. Coming from a someone who has a lot of previous programming experience, I would say the class is easy. However, if it is the first time you code, you will probably struggle to keep up with the pace of the professor. The lectures are clear but do go over the time limit (bless the 1.5x speed feature). The assignments are fine, they surely spent a lot of time designing them. The marking scheme of this course is what makes it imo not a great intro to programming class. The weekly quizzes are extremely hard (often 50% average) and for someone who was some experience before coming into this course, most of the stuff that is presented is really tricky and never approached in class. They try to find the most far fetched example just to bring the class more


If you don't have any experience before, practice practice practice before taking this course. Read over any python intro book and practice some easy question on the basic topics.

Course: COMP 202Grade: AAttendance: MandatoryTextbook Use: No