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Prof: Deven Parekh / Winter 2022

May 10, 2022

Comments on the course

An introductory class on computer programming, with more emphasis on practical projects rather than purely theoretical concepts. Language used is Python. Course is taught on Ed Lessons, which provides a compiler so you don't need to download your own. However, the Thonny compiler is recommended. Many of the practical applications have a STEM theme.

Course Content

Basics: introduction to programming, definitions. Variables, Arithmetic and String Operators: comments, variables, arithmetic operators, basic string operators, variable naming convention, order of operations. Functions and Expressions: function calls, function naming convention, function composition. Defining Functions, Errors, and Debugging: error types, defining functions, getting user input. Boolean Expressions, Comparison, and Logic Operators: Boolean expressions, comparison operators, logical operators. "If" Conditional Statement: flow of execution, "if" - "elif" - "else" statement. "for" Loop and String Indexing and Slicing: iteration using "for" loop, range(), indexing and slicing strings, traversing a string. Escape Characters and Controlling "print()": ASII Code, escape more

Comments on the professor

Very nice and chill. Will go through your code to help you see what's wrong.


Go to the tutorials and try to get as much opportunity to "think like a programmer" as you can. Programming is a language, so practice it like one.

Course: COMP 208Delivery: HybridGrade: AWorkload: ModerateTextbook Use: Yes
Quiz HeavyAssignment HeavyExam Heavy