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Professor Mihail Cutitaru Reviews


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Prof: Mihail Cutitaru / Spring 2022

Mar 16, 2022

Comments on the course

For a three credit course, I probably spend 9-10 hours per week on this class including lecture and lab time. Overall, the class is useful and I feel I learn a lot, not least because it introduced me to something I had no previous knowledge of/interest in at all. The course in my opinion is structured logically and in a way that is conducive to retention and understanding of course content. You have a lecture where he has department and course related announcements. He discusses the average on the previous week's lab, which you have a week to do and is due on midnight of your next lab day. He reviews the quiz on the content relevant to the lab from two weeks ago. Then he introduces the concepts for the current week's lab and tells you everything you need to know about the code. After more

Comments on the professor

Probably the best professor I have ever had at Lehigh. Extremely thorough: will repeat things five times if you need it as long as you can identify what your questions are and just ask during lab, after lecture, over email or Zoom. Flexible with deadlines which is a lifesaver. Ask for a ONE day extension with a reason? You'll probably get it. Your lab is due at midnight but you turned it in at 9am the next day? Not an issue for him. Just don't take advantage of it excessively. Very nice professor who truly wants you to learn and succeed. Records all his lectures (except things he discusses in lab, unfortunately).


My only real complaint is that he talks way too fast, and for someone who had no real knowledge of the course beyond the ECE33 prerequisite, it has been difficult. That's why I spend so much time reviewing slides, rewatching his lectures and just generally making complete use of every resource he makes available to you. Take notes and really listen to what he says in lecture AND in lab. Actually look at the slides later during the week. Ask questions and find ways to really question your understanding as you type up your lab reports. Be as thorough as you can in your lab reports, and this process should reveal to you what parts of the lab you do not truly understand. If you cannot summarize something you did and why and interpret the results, do not pretend you have a complete more

Course: ECE 132Delivery: In personGrade: Not sure yetWorkload: ModerateTextbook Use: No
Assignment Heavy