Lehigh Course Reviews

Lehigh University

ACCT 151Introduction to Financial Accounting42351
ENGR 010Applied Engineering Computer Methods12131
CSE 313Computer Graphics33421
ECE 132Microcontroller Laboratory42331
ARCH 033Architectural Drawing00000
ASIA 201South Asian Politics00000
ASTR 332High-Energy Astrophysics00000
BIOE 316Introduction to Force Spectroscopy00000
AMST 495American Religious Thinkers00000
ARCH 389Honors Project00000
BIOE 396Bioengineering applications in machine learning00000
ASIA 098Sex, Power, (Wo)man, Silence00000
ANTH 395Internship00000
ASIA 381Special Topics in Asian Studies00000
ACCT 330Accounting Data and Analytics00000
BIOE 211Capstone Design Project I00000
ARCH 174Greek Archaeology00000
BIOE 349Metabolic Engineering00000
AAS 318The Roots of Black Lives Matter: Imagining Freedom in 19thC...00000
ANTH 106Cultural Studies and Globalization00000
BIOE 439Neuronal Modeling and Computation00000
ART 095The Laws Of Light00000
ART 124Arts of the Black World 16th-20th Centuries00000
AAS 375Global Media and Culture00000
ANTH 126Urban Anthropology00000
ART 175Introduction to Museum Work00000
ASIA 073Film, Fiction, And Gender In Modern China00000
ANTH 330Food For Thought00000
ASIA 165Love And Revolution In Shanghai00000
ACCT 309Advanced Federal Income Taxation00000
ASIA 340Japanese Industrialization00000
ARAB 011Intermediate Arabic I00000
ASTR 008Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory00000
AAS 276Media And Race00000
BIOE 002Freshman Seminar 2, Introduction to Bioengineering II: Curre...00000
ARCH 107History of American Architecture00000
BIOE 290Bioengineering Thesis00000
AMST 347American Religious Thinkers00000
BIOE 331Integrated Bioelectronics/Biophotonics Laboratory00000
ARCH 243Architectural Design III00000
BIOE 363Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers00000
AAS 126How Black Women Made Modern America00000
BIOE 408Bioinformatics: Issues And Algorithms00000
ART 015Figure I00000
BIOE 449Metabolic Engineering00000
AAS 341Global Africa: Aid, Volunteerism, NGO's and International St...00000
ART 111Drawing II00000
ANTH 113Culture Theory00000
ART 135Painting II00000
AAS 131Women, Gender, Sexuality and Race in African Societies00000
ANTH 172North American Archaeology00000
ART 198Printmaking II00000
ART 223Writing Your Way Into the Arts00000
ART 275Museums: Research, Collections Management and Exhibition Pla...00000
AAS 391Special Topics: Mountaintop Film Project00000
ANTH 176Roman Archaeology00000
ART 296Advanced Drawing Studio00000
ASIA 062Us-China Relations00000
ANTH 320Global Capitalism00000
ASIA 090Globalization in Asia00000
ACCT 108Fundamentals of Accounting00000
ASIA 115Sex, War, Women, Art00000
ANTH 376Culture And The Individual00000
ASIA 196Sex, War, Women, Art00000
AAS 205The Political Development Of American Race Relations00000
ASIA 296Women in Pre-Industrial China00000
ANTH 399Senior Thesis00000
ASIA 364Chinese Foreign Policy00000
ACCT 317Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ASIA 397Women's Movement in China00000
ARAB 190Special Topics I00000
ASTR 273Research00000
AAS 117Race, Racism, and Philosophy00000
ASTR 395Cosmology00000
ARCH 090Architecture 00700000
BIOE 098Introduction to Bioengineering Practice00000
ACCT 398Accounting and Data Analytics00000
BIOE 242Bioengineering Research00000
ARCH 143Architectural Design II00000
BIOE 307Structural Bioinformatics00000
AAS 305Residential Segregation: Policies and Practices00000
BIOE 324Organic Biomaterials00000
ARCH 195History of Interior Design and Decor00000
BIOE 342Biotechnology II00000
AMST 402Independent Study00000
BIOE 358Biomechanics00000
ARCH 300Apprentice Teaching00000
BIOE 369Advanced Topics in Regulatory Affairs00000
AAS 095Hip Hop Dance II00000
BIOE 407Structural Bioinformatics00000
ART 004Three-Dimensional Design00000
BIOE 421Biomolecular & Cellular Mechanics00000
ANTH 012Human Evolution and Prehistory00000
ART 356Advanced Seminar in Art History00000
ANTH 184Indigenous Cultures of Latin America00000
ART 389Honors Project00000
ARTS 295Silicon Valley Internship00000
ART 069Special Topics in Art History00000
AAS 025Introduction to Black Religions and Hip-Hop00000
AAS 098African Americans from Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter00000