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Lehigh Course Reviews

Lehigh University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGR 010Applied Engineering Computer Methods12131
ISE 465Applied Data Mining42451
ACCT 151Introduction to Financial Accounting42351
CSE 313Computer Graphics33421
ECE 132Microcontroller Laboratory42331
ARAB 095Spoken Arabic00000
ACCT 371Directed Readings00000
ARCH 300Apprentice Teaching00000
ART 069Special Topics in Art History00000
AAS 324Globalization and Development in Africa00000
AMST 496Contemporary Black Poetics00000
ART 131Music and the Creative Arts00000
ANTH 378Blood, Pyramids, And The Tree Of Life00000
ACCT 311Accounting Information Systems00000
ARCH 187Synthetic Space00000
AAS 295Revolution on Campus00000
ART 004Three-Dimensional Design00000
AMST 397Communities In Post-Industrial America00000
ART 111Drawing II00000
AAS 128Jazz History I00000
ART 198Printmaking II00000
AAS 343Global Politics of Race: Asia and Africa00000
ANTH 108Not-so-Lonely Planet: The Anthropology of Tourism00000
ANTH 121Environment and Culture00000
AAS 132Hip Hop Theatre00000
AAS 376New Media, Race And Gender00000
ANTH 155Medical Anthropology00000
ANTH 353Ethnobotany: People and Plants00000
ANTH 376Culture And The Individual00000
ANTH 399Senior Thesis00000
AAS 210Revolution On Campus00000
ARCH 157Architectural Technology I00000
ACCT 318Analysis of Financial Statements00000
ARCH 21020th Century Architecture00000
AAS 121African Diaspora Lit00000
ARCH 389Honors Project00000
ACCT 442Financial Reporting and Analysis00000
ART 015Figure I00000
AAS 312Modernity in the Maghreb00000
ART 095The Laws Of Light00000
AMST 425Community Study Through Documentary Film00000
ART 124Arts of the Black World 16th-20th Centuries00000
AAS 095Hip Hop Dance II00000
ART 175Introduction to Museum Work00000
ANTH 090Race and Racism in Global Context00000
ASIA 063U.S.-China Relations00000
AAS 130African American History00000
ANTH 112Doing Archaeology00000
AAS 372Independent Study00000
ANTH 140Introduction to Linguistics00000
AAS 097Radicals, Nationalists, and Feminists: 20th Century African...00000
ANTH 173Archaeology of the Middle East00000
AAS 390Honors Thesis00000
ANTH 175Britain After the Romans00000
ANTH 177Britain Before the Romans00000
AAS 176Keeping Africa, Africans Healthy00000
AAS 391Special Topics: Mountaintop Film Project00000
ANTH 182North American Indians00000
ANTH 330Food For Thought00000
ACCT 098Accounting Segal Distinguished Speaker Series00000
AAS 198From Breaks to Trap: Exploring the History of Hip Hop Perfor...00000
ANTH 395Internship00000
ACCT 307Fundamentals of Federal Income Taxation00000
ARAB 002Elementary Arabic II00000
AAS 106Race and Ethnicity in the Americas00000
ARCH 002History of Architecture00000
ACCT 316Intermediate Accounting II00000
ARCH 174Greek Archaeology00000
AAS 230Social Movements From the 1960s to Present00000
ARCH 196Architecture Of The Ancient Greeks And Romans00000
ACCT 324Cost Accounting00000
ARCH 271Special Topics in Architecture00000
AAS 066Hip Hop Dance00000
ARCH 342Theory of Form and Materials00000
ACCT 397SAP & IT Audit Projects00000
ART 002Art History: Renaissance to Present00000
AAS 298Picturing Racism: How Visuals Fuel or Fight Hate00000
ART 011Drawing I00000
AMST 090American Gods and Monsters00000
ART 037Survey of Printmaking00000
AAS 125Art and Architecture of Africa from Colonial to Contemporary...00000
ART 077The Laws of Light00000
AMST 401Literature for the Adolescent00000
ART 097Foundation Shop Skills Workshop00000
AAS 314Infections and Inequalities00000
ART 115Figure II00000
AMST 490Masters Thesis00000
ART 126History of Interior Design and Decor00000
AAS 005African Civilization00000
ART 173Special Topics in Studio Practice00000
ANTH 011Cultural Diversity and Human Nature00000
ART 195Experimental Musical Instrument Making00000
AAS 330Africans and the Atlantic World00000
ANTH 195Not So Lonely Planet: Anthropology of Tourism00000
AAS 397Reporting the Crises00000
ANTH 300Apprentice Teaching00000
ANTH 317So You Want to Save the World00000
ANTH 097Archaeology of Jerusalem00000
AAS 003Introduction to Africana Studies00000
AAS 025Introduction to Black Religions and Hip-Hop00000