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Lehigh Course Reviews

Lehigh University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ACCT 151Introduction to Financial Accounting42351
CSE 313Computer Graphics33421
ECE 132Microcontroller Laboratory42331
ISE 465Applied Data Mining42451
ENGR 010Applied Engineering Computer Methods12131
BIOS 323Evolution of Development00000
ASIA 078Asian-American Studies00000
BIOS 410Special Topics in Behavioral and Evolutionary Bioscience00000
BSTA 103Population Health Data Science II Algorithms Lab00000
ARCH 176Roman Archaeology00000
ASTR 332High-Energy Astrophysics00000
CEE 341Ground Improvement and Site Development00000
BIOS 202Biomedical Externship00000
ART 375Museum Internship00000
BIOS 367Cell Biology00000
ARAB 001Elementary Arabic I00000
BIOS 498Molecular Ecology00000
ASIA 257Traditional Chinese Medicine: Historical Perspectives00000
CEE 123Civil Engineering Materials00000
AMST 400American Studies: Theory and Method00000
CEE 418Design Project III00000
ARCH 343Architectural Design IV00000
BIOE 257Biomechanics and Biomaterials00000
BIOE 321Biomolecular & Cellular Mechanics00000
ANTH 096Archaeology and the Bible00000
ART 035Painting I00000
BIOE 345Quantitative Biology00000
BIOS 010Bioscience in the 21st Century00000
ART 273Special Topics in Studio Practice00000
BIOS 277Experimental Neuroscience Laboratory00000
ANTH 335Religion, Witchcraft And Shamanism00000
BIOS 332Behavioral Neuroanatomy00000
ASIA 015Sex, War, Women, Art00000
BIOS 389Honors Project00000
ACCT 330Accounting Data and Analytics00000
BIOS 438Neurodegenerative Diseases in Model Organisms00000
ASIA 165Love And Revolution In Shanghai00000
BIS 372Special Topics in Information Systems00000
ARCH 043Architectural Design I00000
BUS 495Silicon Valley Internship00000
ASIA 395The Women's Movement in China00000
CEE 259Structural Analysis II00000
AAS 376New Media, Race And Gender00000
CEE 373Fundamentals of Air Pollution00000
BIOE 096Computer Aided Design Bioengineering00000
CEE 433Structural Optimization00000
AMST 495American Religious Thinkers00000
BIOE 308Bioinformatics: Issues And Algorithms00000
ART 004Three-Dimensional Design00000
BIOE 339Neuronal Modeling and Computation00000
AAS 396Black Feminism & Media Industry00000
BIOE 359Biomechanics Laboratory00000
ART 077The Laws of Light00000
BIOE 369Advanced Topics in Regulatory Affairs00000
BIOE 398Cardiovascular Bioengineering00000
ANTH 126Urban Anthropology00000
ART 111Drawing II00000
BIOE 411Introductions to Biomaterials00000
BIOE 469Advanced Topics in Regulatory Affairs00000
ART 220Modern Art of the 20th Century00000
BIOS 121Biology Core III: Integrative & Comparative Biology00000
ANTH 300Apprentice Teaching00000
BIOS 251Writing and Biological Sciences00000
ART 298Monuments, Playgrounds, and the Town Square00000
BIOS 297SEA-GENES Laboratory00000
ACCT 315Intermediate Accounting I00000
BIOS 328Immunology00000
ARTS 098Lehigh's History and Intellectual Heritage00000
BIOS 342Cellular Basis Of Human Disease00000
ANTH 378Blood, Pyramids, And The Tree Of Life00000
BIOS 383Biological Sciences Colloquia00000
ASIA 063U.S.-China Relations00000
BIOS 398Virology00000
AAS 318The Roots of Black Lives Matter: Imagining Freedom in 19thC...00000
BIOS 424Advanced Neurobiology of Sensory Systems00000
ASIA 110Drinking and Immortality00000
BIOS 471Eukaryotic Signal Transduction00000
ARAB 095Spoken Arabic00000
BIS 333Enterprise Security and Risk Management00000
ASIA 198Chinese Literature in the World00000
BIS 456Business Analytics for Decision Making00000
ACCT 442Financial Reporting and Analysis00000
BUS 127Developing, Producing, and Marketing Products and Services I...00000
ASIA 361Internship in Asian Studies00000
CEE 012Engineering Probability and Statistics00000
ARCH 126History of Interior Design and Decor00000
CEE 203Professional Development00000
ASTR 105Introduction to Planetary Astronomy00000
CEE 275Environmental, Geotechnics and Hydraulics Laboratory00000
AAS 295Revolution on Campus00000
CEE 364Advanced Project Management00000
BIOC 213Fundamentals of Biomedical Signals00000
CEE 401Modeling Environmental Systems00000
ARCH 243Architectural Design III00000
BIOE 418Soft Materials: Rheology and Characterization00000
ART 125Art and Architecture of Africa from Colonial to Contemporary...00000
BIOE 425Inorganic Biomaterials00000
BIOE 442Biotechnology II00000
BIOE 212Capstone Design Project II00000
AAS 205The Political Development Of American Race Relations00000