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Professor Nikolas Kidonakis Reviews


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Prof: Nikolas Kidonakis / Fall 2021

Sep 5, 2021

Comments on the course

This course sucks. It's mostly complex calculus dealing with electromagnetism. It is not interesting or useful in the slightest.

Comments on the professor

Kidonakis is horrible. Please never ever take this guy. If you learn well from a professor reading straight off the lecture slides every day, than this is the class for you. He has the worst fail rate out of all the phys II professors. He doesn't give any sort of note sheet for the test and the exams are not curved. Just avoid this man at all costs.

Suggest a professor

For phys I I took David Garfalo and he was an excellent professor. I would recommend taking his phys Il course over Kidonakis any day.

Course: PHYS 2212Grade: Not sure yetWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: Yes