KSU Course Reviews

Kennesaw State University

MATH 1190Calculus I3.833.544
CSE 1322Programming and Problem Solving II3.743.353
CS 3503Computer Organization and Architecture32.54.542
HIST 1111Pre-Modern World History55551
ACCT 4550Accounting Data Analytics55551
HIST 1112Modern World History33331
PHYS 2212Principles of Physics II11111
CSE 4983CSE Computing Internship55551
SWE 3313Introduction to Software Engineering23251
CHEM 1211Principles of Chemistry I42431
ART 4364Advanced Ceramics IV00000
ART 4258Advanced Figure III00000
ARCH 1000Introduction to Architecture00000
ANTH 3321Indigenous Peoples of North America00000
ART 4551Advanced Bookarts, Letterpress and Papermaking I00000
ARCH 3112Architecture Culture II - The Renaissance through 185000000
ART 4633Sketchbook Narrative III00000
ARED 3304Teaching Art History, Criticism and Aesthetics00000
ARCH 4225Professional Practice II - Cost Control00000
ARH 3000Asian Art and Architecture00000
ARH 3500Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture00000
AADS 4500Power, Privilege, and Policy00000
ANTH 3390Lab in Archaeology00000
ARCH 5015Focus Studio00000
ARH 4820History of Printmaking00000
ASIA 3340Contemporary South Asian Literature00000
ART 4151Advanced Drawing I00000
ACST 3710Digital Game Design and Team Project00000
ART 4269Advanced Painting IV00000
ANTH 3301Human Origins00000
ART 4412Advanced Photography II00000
ARCH 2013Accelerated Studio III00000
ART 4621Storytelling and Myth-Making I00000
AADS 3550Black Women’s Health00000
ART 4722Comic Storytelling II00000
ARCH 3314Environmental Technology III: Lighting, Electrical and Acoustics00000
ARED 4410Intercultural Curriculum Model00000
ANTH 3355Capitalisms and Cultures in Asia00000
ARH 3320Ancient Near Eastern Art and Architecture00000
ARCH 4893Space Lab00000
ARH 4000Historical Studio Practices00000
AADS 1101Introduction to African Diaspora Studies00000
ARH 4900Contemporary Art00000
ANIM 3650Digital Animation Production I00000
AMST 3720America and Empire00000
ASIA 3760Asian American Cultural Identities00000
ANTH 4490Special Topics in Anthropology00000
ART 1100Two-Dimensional Design and Color Theory00000
ART 1200Three-Dimensional Design00000
ATT 1200Apparel Design Graphics00000
ART 3015Electronic Illustration00000
ART 3021Publication Design00000
AADS 3300Black Popular Culture00000
AMST 3770American Cultural Productions00000
ATT 3150Visual Merchandising00000
ART 3260Painting II00000
ART 3320Jewelry and Small Metals I00000
ART 4030Design Practicum00000
ACST 3330Data Structures and Database Applications00000
ART 4154Advanced Drawing IV00000
ANTH 2777Anthropology of Tourism00000
ART 4259Advanced Figure IV00000
ACST 4620Computing Security00000
ART 4313Advanced Sculpture III00000
AADS 3500The Black Woman00000
ART 4400Directed Study in Art00000
ARCH 1241Design Communication I00000
ART 4490Special Topics and Art Seminar00000
ANTH 3315Indigenous Peoples of the Southeast United States00000
ART 4611The Visual Essay I00000
ARCH 2311Environmental Tech I -Systems Selection and Materials00000
ART 4623Storytelling and Myth-making III00000
ACCT 4700Valuation of Closely Held Businesses00000
ART 4700Advanced Sequential Art00000
ARCH 3313Environmental Technology II: Human Comfort and Building Systems00000
ART 4738Experimental Comics III00000
ANTH 3350Cultures and Societies of the World00000
ARED 3308Special Populations in Art Education00000
ARCH 4224Professional Practice I: Codes and Technical Documents00000
ARED 4660Yearlong Clinical Experience II00000
AADS 4400Directed Study in AADS00000
ARH 3200Ancient American Art and Architecture00000
ARCH 4490Special Topics00000
ARH 3350Greek Art and Architecture00000
ANTH 3380Maya Archaeology00000
ARH 3750History of American Art and Architecture00000
ARCH 4894Architecture Advocacy00000
ARH 4490Special Topics in Art History00000
ACCT 4150Auditing and Assurance00000
ARH 4870History of Photography00000
ANIM 3640Character Development00000
ASIA 3001Understanding Asia00000
ANTH 4423Bone Biomechanics00000
ATT 3510Surface Design I00000
ART 3342Master Craftsman II00000
ART 3398Art Internship00000
ANTH 1102Introduction to Anthropology00000
ATT 4444Quality Assurance for Textiles and Apparel00000
ART 3420Lighting for Photography and Video00000
ART 3550Bookarts, Letterpress and Papermaking00000