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KSU Course Reviews

Kennesaw State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 1190Calculus I3.833.544
CSE 1322Programming and Problem Solving II3.743.353
CS 3503Computer Organization and Architecture32.54.542
CHEM 1211Principles of Chemistry I4.53442
PHYS 2212Principles of Physics II11111
HIST 1111Pre-Modern World History55551
HIST 1112Modern World History33331
ACCT 4550Accounting Data Analytics55551
SWE 3313Introduction to Software Engineering23251
CSE 4983CSE Computing Internship55551
CHIN 3398Internship00000
CHIN 3303Grammar and Composition00000
CHEM 3601LPhysical Chemistry Lab00000
BLAW 4960Current Issues in Business Ethics and Law00000
CHIN 4434Topics in Language, Literature, and Culture00000
CHEM 3800Forensic Analytical Chemistry00000
CE 1000Orientation to Engineering and Surveying Professions00000
CE 3398Internship in Civil Engineering00000
CHEM 4110Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry00000
CE 3702Introduction to Environmental Engineering00000
CE 4103Design of Steel Structures00000
BED 4490Special Topics in Biology Education00000
CHEM 1212Principles of Chemistry II00000
CHEM 4310Advanced Topics in Analytical Chemistry00000
CE 4179Transportation Engineering Lab00000
CE 4371Environmental Engineering Laboratory00000
CHIN 3200Critical Reading and Applied Writing00000
CHEM 3502Biochemistry II: Metabolism00000
CHIN 3305Readings in Culture II00000
BLAW 4400Directed Study00000
CHIN 4402Contemporary Culture00000
CHEM 3701Atmospheric Chemistry00000
CHIN 4490Special Topics00000
BIOL 4620Advanced Topics in Ecology & Evolution00000
CE 3201Structural Analysis00000
CHEM 4000Service Learning in Chemistry00000
CE 3502Materials for Civil & Construction Engineering Lab00000
CHEM 1152LSurvey of Chemistry II Laboratory00000
CE 3704Introduction to Environmental Engineering Laboratory00000
CHEM 4300Instrumental Analytical Chemistry00000
CE 4177Transportation Engineering00000
AADS 3380Study Abroad00000
CE 4353Air Pollution Control00000
CHEM 4400Directed Study00000
BUSA 2150Discovering My Major and Career00000
CE 4373Environmental Engineering Microbiology00000
CHEM 2800LQuantitative Analytical Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHEM 4430Advanced Topics in Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 4430LAdvanced Topics in Organic Chemistry Lab00000
CHEM 3030Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry00000
CHEM 4440Polymer Chemistry00000
CHEM 4500KMethods in Nucleic Acid and Protein Biochemistry00000
BIOL 4460KMedical Microbiology00000
BUSA 3500Culture & International Business00000
CHEM 3050Physical Chemistry00000
CHEM 4510Advanced Topics in Biochemistry00000
CHEM 4620Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry00000
CHIN 2003Accelerated Intermediate Chinese Language and Culture00000
CHEM 3501Biochemistry I: Structure and Function of Biological Macromolecules00000
CHIN 3302Practical Conversation00000
BLAW 4200Employment Law00000
CHIN 3304Readings in Culture I00000
CHEM 3540LAdvanced Biochemistry Laboratory00000
CHIN 3390Upper-division Study Abroad in Chinese00000
BIOL 4510KBioinformatics II00000
CHIN 4400Directed Study00000
CHEM 3602LPhysical Chemistry Lab II00000
CHIN 4404Commercial Chinese00000
BLAW 4500Franchise Law00000
CHIN 4456Advanced Grammar and Linguistics00000
CHEM 3710LEnvironmental Chemistry Lab00000
CHIN 4499Senior Seminar00000
AADS 2200Black Thought Matters00000
CE 2003Engineering Problem Solving00000
CHEM 3800LForensic Analytical Chemistry Lab00000
CE 3202Design of Concrete Structures00000
CHEM 1151LSurvey of Chemistry I Laboratory00000
CE 3501Materials for Civil & Construction Engineering00000
CHEM 4100Directed Applied Research00000
CE 3701Geotechnical Engineering00000
BIOL 4635Advanced Topics in Microbiology00000
CE 3703Environmental Engineering Design00000
CHEM 4120LResearch Methods Laboratory00000
CE 3708Geotechnical Engineering Lab00000
CHEM 1211LPrinciples of Chemistry Laboratory I00000
CE 4105Foundation Design00000
CHEM 4300LInstrumental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory00000
CE 4178Highway Design and Construction00000
ACCT 4050Intermediate Financial Accounting II00000
CE 4343Solid Waste Engineering00000
CHEM 4310LAdvanced Analytical Chemistry Lab00000
CE 4363Environmental Engineering Chemistry00000
CHEM 2050Introduction to Directed Research00000
CHEM 3362Modern Organic Chemistry II00000
CHED 3421Classroom Interactions00000
CHED 4422Project-based Instruction00000
BUSA 4490Special Topics in Business Administration00000
CHEM 3396Cooperative Study00000
CHED 4423Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Chemistry00000
CHIN 1001Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture I00000