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Professor Clincy Reviews


Class Ratings

3OK Class
5Very Interesting
5Very Useful

Prof: Clincy / Spring 2019

Aug 29, 2021

Comments on the course

This is the hardest course that any CS or SWE major will take. If you have a good professor, then it becomes exponentially easier. I implore you to study often and study not for simple understanding, but a deep knowledge of the topic. The information that you learn here has been useful in every facet of my computing experience (all three of my internships) and I'm not even as close to the metal coding wise as someone who really needs to know this stuff would be.

Comments on the professor

Clincy knows his stuff, but he doesn't explain it all very well.


Please study for complete understanding. You should be able to make your own scenarios and teach other students concepts. That's how I passed!

Course: CS 3503Grade: BWorkload: ModerateTextbook Use: Yes