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Prof: Anthony Masiello / Fall 2021

Dec 31, 2021

Comments on the course

He decided to experimentally flip the course so that there'd be online lectures you'd have to watch before class and in class practice problems, so I don't know if this will be representative of future classes. But I liked the style of it. The practice problems in class made it so I didn't really have to study for tests. I'd already done a lot of practice and I knew what I was good at. I also ended up not watching lectures mid way through because he'd always end up demonstrating problems in class and, after a certain point, I could sort of logic it out anyway. There was online hw but that was only once a week at most. They usually took me 30 to 45 min max. The only weird thing was lab's, they always felt out of the blue. We had one on making precipitates (solids) out of two liquid more

Course Content

I've taken Chem. 100 before and I took half a year in high school as well (covid cut that short). But I've never clicked with it and had a hard time understanding. I think a big part of that was the having to memorize things like the formula for carbonate/ates and ites, sig fig rules, and formula naming rules. But he explained them all pretty intuitively for me.

Comments on the professor

I got the feeling that he was a professor who actually cared about teaching. Numerous times in class he'd reference how previous students he'd had would have issues on something and how he tried to figure out what it was and how to teach it best. He wasn't always directly on top of emailing back or fixing things that screwed up on canvas. But I got the impression that was because he wasn't going to work when he got home. His time was his time


Go to class everyday. The practice problems really help with preparing for tests and those are a big part of the grade. Check online homework due dates. He's not very good at having them off the top of his head or reminding class of them. A couple people I knew missed assignments just because they didn't know they existed. So you have to check at the beginning of each week.

Course: CHEM 100Delivery: In personGrade: AWorkload: LightTextbook Use: Optional
Exam HeavyAssignment Heavy