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EWU Course Reviews

Eastern Washington University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 100Introduction To Chemistry54451
MATH 163Calculus III42341
CMST 504Communication Systems00000
CHEM 483Biochemistry Laboratory 100000
CPLA 100Computer Literacy I00000
CMST 439Leadership & Strategic Comm00000
CHEM 372Organic Chemistry Laboratory I00000
CMTC 345Soils/Surveying00000
CDST 496Inclsvty & Dvrsty In Learning00000
CHIN 203Intermediate Chinese And Culture00000
CDST 601Research Project00000
CHST 310Chicanx/Latinx In The U.S. Media00000
CMST 342Global Communication00000
CHEM 173LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory III00000
CMST 480Pre-Internship Workshop00000
CDST 434Non-Traditional Child Life00000
CMST 596Org Comm Interventions00000
CHEM 432Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
COIN 599Independent Study00000
CDST 402Children's Rights, Laws And Ethics00000
CRIM 300Introduction To The Criminal Justice System00000
CDST 535Family Systems In Healthcare00000
CHST 201Latinas/Os In Contemporary American Society00000
CDST 412Health And Children00000
CHST 378Survey Of Spanglish Literature00000
CHEM 152General Chemistry00000
CMST 200Introduction To Speech Communication00000
CMST 330Integrated Methods For Communication Research00000
CHEM 171LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory I00000
CMST 399Directed Study00000
CDST 430Pediatric Medical Terminology00000
CMST 461Introduction To Public Relations Theory00000
CHEM 351Organic Chemistry00000
CMST 495Internship/Practicum00000
CDST 330Research Methods For Studying Children And Childhood00000
CMST 530Communication In Organizations00000
CHEM 420Instrumental Analysis00000
CMST 602Exam Preparation00000
CDST 482Cdst Option B Internship00000
CMTC 495Internship00000
CHEM 471Pre-Medical, Dental, Veterinary And Pharmacy Preparation00000
COIN 622Adult Education Internship II00000
CDST 302Foundations Of Children's Studies–Part 200000
CPLA 215Internet And Www Basics00000
CHEM 499Ds/Analytical Chem Research00000
CRIM 307Forensic Photography00000
CDST 411Child Life Theory00000
CHST 196Thriving For College00000
CDST 537Administration In Child Life Programs00000
CHST 218Chicano History00000
CDST 304Growth And Development Through Childhood And Adolescence00000
CHST 330Latino Immigration To The U.S.00000
CHEM 140Criminalistics And Forensic Chemistry00000
CHST 495Chicano Internship/Practicum00000
CDST 413Media And Children00000
CMST 207Communication, Community And Citizenship00000
CHEM 161General Chemistry For The Health Sciences00000
CMST 210Interpersonal Communication00000
CMST 309Communication And Information00000
CHEM 171General Chemistry I00000
CMST 337Foundations Of Social Media00000
CDST 425Development Of Community Programs00000
CMST 360Becoming Other-Centered00000
CHEM 172LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory II00000
CMST 411Negotiation Skills And Strategies00000
CDST 326Bodies, Socialization And Culture00000
CMST 450Rhetorical Theory And Criticism00000
CHEM 304Quantitative Analysis00000
CMST 463Entertainment Public Relations00000
CDST 432School Reintegration And Support00000
CMST 490Senior Capstone00000
CHEM 353Organic Chemistry00000
CMST 499Ds/Adv Organization Cmst00000
CDST 300Foundations Of Children's Studies–Part I00000
CMST 521Research Design And Analysis I00000
CHEM 395Internship00000
CMST 568Introduction To Graduate Studies00000
CDST 439Mindfulness & Alternative Practices For Working With Childre...00000
CMST 600Thesis Prep00000
CHEM 423Physical Chemistry00000
CMTC 305Construction Estimating00000
CDST 386Children And The Family00000
CMTC 490Senior Capstone: Production Lab00000
CHEM 445Topics In Forensic Chemistry00000
COIN 571Survey Post-Secondary Education00000
CDST 492Children's Studies Senior Portfolio00000
COIN 601Research Report00000
CHEM 481Intermediary Metabolism00000
COIN 624Adult Education Comprehensive Exam00000
BUED 476Instructional Methodologies Using Computer Applications00000
CPLA 120Computer Applications Literacy00000
CHEM 491Senior Thesis00000
CPLA 399Ds/00000
CDST 532School Reintegration And Support00000
CMST 250Small Group Communication00000
CHIN 103First-Year Chinese III00000
BIOL 568Skeletal Biology00000
BUED 600Thesis In Business Education00000
CDST 310Global Perspectives Of Children00000
CDST 422Children's Loss And Grief00000