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4Good Class
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Prof: Nowak / 2021

Aug 21, 2021

Comments on the course

I took this class in person last year. I ended with an A but unfortunately didn’t learn much. When I took it he would do a lot of math on the whiteboard and talk, but I would just keep getting lost. This was because I did not put in enough effort to do the readings beforehand and so there was no background for what he was talking about. There were weekly group quizzes which were open book. Exams were also open book, but taken by yourself. Assignments every once in a while, and there was a group project where a certain number of coding problems must be done, so you just divide them amongst your group.


Read the book! or at least research the topics that will be discussed so you can actually appreciate what he is saying. For every problem, WRITE SOMETHING DOWN. He is a super easy grader and is very kind. (For classes in general) Asks questions when you are confused. It can be hard to put yourself out there, but you are usually helping a lot of people by doing so

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Nowak is really cool, take the class with him if you can

Course: CS 260