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Professor Joanna Deszcz Reviews


Class Ratings

3OK Class
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Professor Rating

4Good Prof

Prof: Joanna Deszcz / Winter 2022

May 25, 2022

Comments on the course

This class was less of a math class and more of an Excel class. Some things were a little tougher to understand, but as long as you do the work, you'll get enough practice to succeed in the class.

Course Content

The course mostly consisted of activities that were done in class and homework assignments that you did outside of class. Sometimes the assignments were a little longer, so take the time given to you in class to do them. There is also a group project that spans the entire quarter. I got stuck with a bad group and had to do the majority of the project myself, so make sure you don't get that extra workload put onto you. There's also a midterm and a final, but you're allowed a sheet of notes for both.

Comments on the professor

She was alright -- her lectures were helpful and easy to understand, and she was always available to answer any questions you had during class. I had a TA that was also really helpful. She can be a little nitpicky about grading and will take points off for very small things, but it was never too substantial.

Course: LSP 120Delivery: In personGrade: AWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: No
Assignment HeavyProject Heavy